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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Consider making a wallet for yourself or for your best friend. Liked the idea? You would feel really proud to gift a duct tape wallet that is manufactured and designed by yourself to your friend or Dad or Mom. Searching for information on how to make duct tape wallets? With few simple things you would be able to start to make duct tape wallets. The things you may require are one roll of duct tape, a box cutter, cutting board and ruler. You can cut it into a number of strips that have a length of 8 inches. One of these strips is to be placed horizontally with the sticky portion on the top side and the next strip can be placed over halfway down the first portion. The sticky portion of the other strip gets stick to the initial strip as the sticky portion of the strips faces each other. The first half portion of the initial strip is exposed and you can fold it so as to create an edge. In the same manner you can add strips till they form a rectangular shape. You can make sure to fold the end portion of the tape strips in order to create edges. If the rectangular shaped duct tape is in a disorderly fashion you can tidy it by trimming the edges till the length measures about 7 inches. You can transform it to have the capability to carry dollar bills by folding it in half from top to bottom and trimming the excess portion. Similarly four rectangular duct tape wallets are to be created but the strips should be sliced in 4 inches length so that the finished product would measure about 3 inches. Don’t you need provision that would enable you to carry your credit/debit cards? This is possibly by just folding the small duct tape shapes with 1/8-inch portion exposed at the top part. The second sheet can be positioned in such a way that it is 1/4-inch from the edge, and 1/8-inch from the top and the next sheet is to be placed 1/8-inch below the prior sheet. The edges of the left portion of the wallet can be tape to make it look more neat and tidy. The same procedure could be followed for the right side. All parts of the wallet can be tape except the pockets intended for dollar bills and credit/debit card and other important personal belongings. You may fold the wallet in half. To make crease you can place a heavy object like a book. As a final touch you may check whether the sizes are exact. You had great fun making duct tape wallets. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: