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Home-and-Family Bringing a new person into the world is no small decision. In fact, it may be the most important and life-changing choice that people can make. As such, it is certainly not something to be taken lightly and lots of people have justifiable concerns before they attempt conception. Licensed family therapist, Elliott Connie, MA, LPC, helps answer some questions and offers some advice to better prepare you for having a baby. How do I know I am ready to have a baby? So many factors go into giving birth to, and raising, a child that there is no one definite checklist that everyone can follow. As so many peoples situations are so different, I cannot say with any real authority that Person A is ready to reproduce, but Person B is not. While raising a child certainly takes maturity, stability and a plethora of other requirements, I cannot spell out what is needed before a couple chooses to conceive. All I can say with certainty is that you cannot bring a child into any situation where there is any sort of abuse present, be it emotional, physical or substance-based. Past that, you just have to be ready, willing and able to make a huge lifetime .mitment. If a couple wants to have a child, they have to sit down and ask a whole bunch of serious questions about their hopes for this family. Both partners must be on the exact same page about what type of family you want to create and how everything will function. The most important question is answered over time after the baby is born: How do we know that we are parenting well? For this, you can always be running down a checklist: We are sharing responsibilities; our relationship is growing, etc. When you start talking to one another about if you are doing a good job, then that will open up lines of positive .munication that might not otherwise be broached. Focus on the positive and your joint success in raising a family, not on what the other person might have done wrong. While I cannot say when you are exactly ready, I can talk about the things you need to do once you create a life to keep your household functioning and harmonious. You must always remember that this new person is an addition to your relationship and will not in any way detract. You must continue to be a partner to your spouse and dont lose your identity. You dont lose your role as husband to be.e father youre now father in addition to being a husband. You must continue to remain romantic in your relationship with your partner. On your usual date night, hire a babysitter and continue to be in that dating mentality all throughout your life. Too often, people forget this important spark, and once they have a child, they forget their romance and just be.e parents. Never let a child detract from what you have. If a new member of the family will only add and not detract from the relationship, and you carefully plan how your family will be, then you can seriously consider having a child. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: