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Business Are you planning to have your honeymoon in a country where romance is in the air? Are you arranging for a family reunion where you could spend quality time with your loved ones? Are you searching for a place to escape with your friends during the school holidays? Look no further than El Salvador. This is a country situated in Central America with a population of approximately 7 million people who speak Spanish as their official language and home to the capital city, San Salvador. Sadly, this lovely country has been clogged by civil war and a series of natural disasters. But despite all these, you will humbly appreciate the resilience and optimism such tragedy seems to have inspired in the El Salvadorans. The country’s major attractions include volcanoes, mountains, beaches, tropical nature preserves and archaeological sites from the Maya civilisation. The main hotels are in the capital and accommodation should be booked in advance before touching down at the El Salvador International Airport due to over crowding in most hotels. Lake Coatepeque is a popular resort in western El Salvador which has good hotels, restaurants and lodging houses. These hotels can be classified into three groups, namely exclusive hotels, first-class hotels and budget hotels. They offer numerous cuisines from countries like China, Mexico, Italy and France. There are also fast-food chains that are gaining a lot of popularity too. Some of the specialities offered in most restaurants and hotels include corn tortillas, iguana, armadillo and pupusa which are accompanied very well with some of the favourite beverages like coffee, refrescos, beer, tic tac and torito. San Salvador has a few nightclubs. Zona Rosa is the district with the hippest clubs, bars and restaurants and theatres which include the restored Teatro Nacional. Other evening entertainments you can also join include day or night concerts and football matches. Do your shopping at the Mercado Cuartel, the Multiplaza, the Galerias, the Metrocentro, the Gran Va, the Hiper Mall and the Cascadas shopping centres where some of the best souvenirs that are handmade are sold. Thereafter, you can escape to some of the beaches El Salvador has to offer; La Barra de Santiago, El Cuco, El Sunzal and El Tamarindo. El Salvador’s coast is a surfers heaven, with uncrowned waters and world-class breaks. Grab some fresh air and gaze up at forest giants in the Montecristo Cloud Forest or set sail on the Gulf of Fonseca. You can also fish, sail, kayak or water-ski on Lake Coatepeque or hit the rapids and go white-water rafting. Go for trekking expeditions to the volcanoes and later dive in the volcanic crater of Ilopango as you think of joining an ecological tour in El Imposible National Park. There are loads of things both for the young and old at heart. Other spectacular attractions found in El Salvador include the St Ignatius Loyola, the San Jacinto Mountain, and the Puerta Del Diablo, the Panchimalco people, the Joya de Cern and the Tazumal ruins. They are bound to move you to the edge of your seat. The best time of year to visit El Salvador would be at the beginning or at the end of the dry season, when it doesn’t rain every day and the roads are in pretty good shape. More cultural festivals take place around these times. El Salvador is the perfect travel package for the ultimate experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: