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2007! A new year, a new start and …. ….yet another year in which we have to ask ourselves: 1. Did I make the right New Years Resolution? 2. How can I stick to them without giving up right away….? Don’t worry if you have, because HOPE is at hand! So many of us no doubt have set fantastic new year’s resolutions – some of us want to lose weight, quit smoking, quit drinking, get fit, eat healthy, get a job, etc. All of these are really fantastic goals that will no doubt improve our lives, but why is it that so many of us give up on trying to achieve our goals? The answer is the ‘P’ word – procrastination! All of us, at some stage, fall victim to it, but some of us are better at falling victim than others. Maybe you said you’d lose weight two years ago, but instead, you returned to your unhealthy, perceivably ‘easier’ ways of consuming heaps of take away, fatty foods and alcohol, and doing zero exercise, vowing to ‘do it tomorrow’? Perhaps you decided to give the ciggies the flick altogether, only to find that you’re smoking an entire box each day now, as opposed to the ten a day habit you had five years ago when you vowed to quit? Maybe you’ve been saying, "I’ll quit next week"? It doesn’t matter how much procrastination you have demonstrated – you can achieve all of your fantastic goals, and more! You can lose weight, quit smoking, get a great job – even buy your own home and improve your wealth! It’s up to you entirely, and by exploring your psychic side, you’ll find this whole process of achieving your goals to be much easier. Now I’ll tell you how to do it! The KEY to success – it’s all in the psychic mind! Ever wondered what sets successful people apart from the wannabes? Want to know why some people just enjoy success after success? The answer may be a whole lot easier than you think, because it’s all in the subconscious /psychic mind. The great news is, YOU have a psychic mind, even though you may think you’re about as psychic as a cake of soap! You don’t have to be John Edwards and you don’t have to be Allison DuBois to achieve success by tapping into your psychic mind! So here’s what sets successful people apart from the rest. Successful people list out every goal they want to achieve, and then they plan out how they will go about achieving those goals. In detail! Once they write down their goals, they plan them in their psychic mind with a technique I’m about to show you – just five simple steps! 1.Set up your meditation space: Meditation allows you to relax, calm yourself and get in touch with your spiritual side. It allows you to listen to yourself and deal with stress and others with greater ease. Find a quiet spot, free from clutter and preferably an area where others don’t go for you to clear your mind and tap into yourself. 2.Meditate regularly: Daily is fantastic because the more you meditate, the more you tune into yourself and the spiritual world. You are making contact with the universe, and you are then able to ask the universe for everything that you want – you can ask the universe (some people call it God or the Cosmos and others call it the Infinite Source) for help in achieving your goals during this time. It really works! 3.Brainstorm your goals and find out your true calling in life: You must know what your goals are, so take the time to brainstorm and jot down any goals you wish to achieve. The more detail, the better. You can make your requests for help achieving these goals when you meditate, as discussed in point 2. 4.Manifest your goals: Remind yourself every day, many times each day, of your goals and get excited about achieving them. This will keep you motivated and on track for making it all happen! Write affirmations, cut out photographs and pictures that remind you of your goals – whatever it takes! Daydream, but act on it by planning to achieve the goals! Visualize that you have achieved your goals every day but by far the most effective way to achieve our goals is to plant them deep into your subconscious/psychic mind. 5.Use your intuition when taking action: By meditating daily, you will develop your natural intuition, which makes it easier for you to achieve your goals. Use your intuition when taking action, to ensure that you make the right decisions all the time – so you can really achieve your goals! Five easy steps are all it takes! In summary, please remember to do the following: 1. KNOW your goals! 2. PLAN exactly how to achieve each goal! 3. REMIND yourself daily of your goals – visualize you have achieved the goals to stay motivated! 4. TAKE ACTION to achieve your goals and use your intuition through daily motivation! 5. ASK the universe for help achieving your goals! Finally, don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t stuck to your new year’s resolutions in past years, or even in this new year. It’s always a great time to set goals and work towards achieving them, so make now your opportunity to pursue positive change in your life! See for yourself how tuning into your psychic self can make this journey so much easier and stress free! Until next time, happy goal setting and happy ACHIEVING! Annette Sassou, The Psychic Institute, 2007 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: