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Business Here you are, an entrepreneur. Maybe you’re a small business owner who finally decided to work at what you’ve been dreaming of for years. Or maybe you are a solo professional who loves working for yourself and helping others. I’d bet you LOVE what you do. I’d also bet that you are GREAT at what you do. So here’s the question……how come your business is slower than you’d like it to be? Are you not so great, or what’s the problem? Here’s the deal….part of an entrepreneur’s job is to satisfy the hunger in others to get their problem solved. To ensure that someone knows you can do that, you have to use language that is emotional, not logical. People buy on emotion 100% of the time. They then justify what they have bought with logic. Trying to sell based on logic "this car is cheaper than the other one" doesn’t work. Try saying, instead, "this car can get you where you’re going without giving you a sick feeling in the gut when it’s time to pay for it. In fact, you’ll have money left over to drive off and take that vacation you’ve not had in two years. How would your wife and kids feel about going to Disney this summer?" See the difference? Emotion whets the buying appetite. Logic doesn’t. This is why talking about the features of what you offer makes a potential customer’s eyes glaze over. A woman doesn’t care that your jewelry is 100% sterling silver and comes with a year long guarantee. Well, she may care, but that’s not going to sell her. She cares MORE that your jewelry will make her feel sexy and pretty when she’s secretly been feeling tired and ugly. She cares that your jewelry will get her an admiring glance from a husband who hasn’t notice her very much lately. If you want to create sales, create hunger. Tell a story about what your jewelry has done for someone. Show pictures of smiling women wearing your stuff. Demonstrate how someone can place that necklace just SO and it will match their come-hither look. If you can show someone that your stuff creates what they crave then you will make money. And even better, your customers will be happy because their problem is solved. Here’s how to create sales conversations or sales copy that creates hunger: * Talk about your customer, not you * Offer clear contrast (before/after or with/without or fast/slow) * Use tangible examples "more dates, more desire, unbreakable" * Talk about the beginning and the end only (before/after) don’t talk about the PROCESS that happens in the middle (you choose jewelry, you wear jewelry….not what the order process is like in between) * Use visual stimuli (pictures) which creates interest 40 times faster than hearing does. Changing your conversations or sales copy to solve what your customers are hungry for will feed them and you. That kind of satisfaction is just as good as the satisfaction you feel after a good meal, and lasts longer! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: