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Dental-Care Teeth Bleaching How does it work? The explanation is that all the bleaching agents in one form or other is some what common to hydrogen peroxide, which has bleaching action because of its oxidizing properties. Whitening of Teeth is a method, which removes stains of teeth and makes them white and bright. Stains get collected on the outer layer of teeth as well as reach inside the teeth. The effect is discoloration of teeth, which are not properly cleaned after eating food or drinking beverages like soda or coffee. Over the Counter Kits: There is availability of over the counter teeth whitening kits, which are simple to use. Those wanting more quick and strong treatment, for removing bad old stains, usually prefer to go to dentist’s office for getting the treatment. Teeth differ from person to person in terms of size, shape and color, which greatly depend on how the teeth are cared. The change in the color of the teeth has combined effect of a number of factors and depends on the age of the person, bacterial presence, food stuff sticking and other external toxins like nicotine in smoke. Teeth Bleaching Dental-in-Office: This involves visiting the Dentist. Dental office is well equipped to do the bleaching of teeth very fast besides the benefit of trust that the job shall be handled professionally in a safe and proper manner. The disadvantage is that the service is not covered under insurance. Dentist starts the procedure by applying bleaching gel on a small area first and ensures that the soft tissues are protected from the action of bleaching agent, which is basically a chemical and can be irritating to the soft tissues like gums. Later on higher concentration of Hydrogen peroxide or Carbamide peroxide present in a gel preparation is applied to the teeth. The hydrogen peroxide enters into the tooth enamel pores and bleaches by its oxidation action. Carbamide peroxide breaks down and releases hydrogen peroxide in presence of water, which acts in the same manner. The bleaching agent is allowed to remain on the teeth for one hour to complete its action. The results once produced last for many months. Teeth bleaching with at-home Preparations: In case one wants to avoid Dental-in-Office procedure, there is availability of at-home teeth bleaching kit. The action followed by these kits is similar to the Dental-in-office bleaching, except the fact that strength of bleaching agent is lower and the treatment shall take more time to be carried out with at-home bleaching kit. As far as the price of these kits is concerned, it is reasonable to encourage self use. The at-home bleaching kits contain small mouth cushion guard or a strip which touches bleaching agent with the tooth. These kits are used for one hour a day for a period ranging from one to two weeks. The strength of bleaching agent is less than 10 % as compared with the preparations used at dentist-in-office, which have strength of 35 % peroxide. The action of at-home products is similar to dentist-in-office except for the strength of bleaching agent. It is possible that teeth Whitening at home, is carried out under supervision of a dentist. The dentist provides a custom made mouthpiece, which perfectly fits on top and bottom jaw teeth. The person using the mouth piece applies little bit of bleaching gel as per advice before putting the mouth piece in the mouth. Mouth piece remain in the mouth for some time for the bleaching action to take place. The bleaching gel provided by the dentist is strong containing higher strength of peroxide and the whitening results are very fast. One needs to carry on these steps daily for three weeks for better whitening results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: