Leave home police car knocked down woman know hit people-1926年属相�

Leave home police car knocked down woman knew hit car knocked down the police came to know the woman leave hit Xiaoqin memories, July 30th 2 in the morning, she drove home from the barbecue shop, to the road and Shuangnan Guangsha street intersection, is left outside the car, heard a weak voice. Because the car was music too large, the car was dark, she looked around, don’t hit what, no off view, continue to leave. A few days later, her car maintenance, left front sag, then repaired, spent two hundred or three hundred yuan. She said, when people are not aware of hit. A branch of the traffic police after receiving the alarm, visited the investigation immediately. After 1 weeks, lock the perpetrators xiaoqin. "The police came to the door, saying I hit a woman riding a tricycle, I know." Small Qin said. After examination, woman received only some minor injuries, she paid more than 8000 yuan fee. Accident faces detention she thought "losing it." 14 in the afternoon, facing the media lens, Xiaoqin dixialetou. She was 27 years old, until March of this year to get a driver’s license, is under the stage of internship. After 4 months of memories of the matter, she attributed the "A column in the way". When the police asked Xiao Qin, know that their behavior will face what kind of punishment. She said, although he learned the "Tao", but do not know what escapes, heard that seemed to be detained. The police found, Xiaoqin’s behavior constituted the traffic accident, not only will face a license record 12 points, shall be revoked, shall not apply within 5 years, will face 15 days of administrative detention. At this time, Xiao Qin that stalls the event, tone throughput: "it is my fault I admit…… I think it will lose money…… The face of the face ".

驾车撞倒太婆离去 警察上门才知道撞了人   驾车撞倒太婆离去 警察上门才知道撞了人   小琴回忆,7月30日凌晨2点,她从烧烤店驾车回家,行至广厦路与双楠街交叉路口,正在左拐,听到车外传来微弱的声音。由于当时车内音乐开得较大,车外一片漆黑,她看了看四周,觉得没有撞到什么,也就没有下车查看,继续驶离。几天后,她的车拿去检修时,发现左前部有凹陷,便进行了修理,花了二三百元。她说,那时都没有意识到撞了人。   交警一分局接到报警后,立即进行走访排查。1周后,锁定了肇事者小琴。“当时警察找上门来,说我撞了一个骑三轮车的太婆,我才晓得出事了。”小琴说。经过检查,太婆只是受了些轻微伤,她赔付了8000余元的费用。   肇事逃逸面临拘留 她以为“赔钱就没事了”   14日下午,面对媒体的镜头,小琴低下了头。   27岁的她,今年3月才拿到驾照,正处于实习期未满的阶段。事隔4个月回忆此事,她将原因归结在“A柱挡住了视线”。当民警问小琴,知不知道自己的行为将面临什么样的处罚。她说,自己虽然学了《道法》,但不知道什么叫肇事逃逸,听说好像要拘留。   民警认定,小琴的行为已构成了交通肇事逃逸,不但将面临驾照被记满12分,予以吊销,5年内不得再申领,还将面临15天的行政拘留。这时,小琴才知道摊上了大事,语气吞吐:“是我的错我承认……我以为赔钱了就没事了……该面对的就面对吧”。相关的主题文章: