More than 20 diplomats from China seek international cooperation in energy investment and financing -若槻ゆうか

More than 20 foreign diplomats in Yantai seek international energy cooperation in investment and financing – Beijing, China News Agency, Yantai, August 25 (Zhang Yulei) "the international energy cooperation in investment and financing new ideas" exchanges will be held in Yantai 25, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and other more than 20 countries ambassador, counselor and Chinese related financial institutions and enterprises on behalf of the international energy cooperation in investment and financing collusion. The Kazakh embassy counselor Abramovich said, complementary Kazakh "bright road" new economic policy "and" Chinese Belt and Road Initiative "strategy, help the two countries industrial innovation and transportation cooperation more fruitful. It is reported that the international cooperation capacity support "The Belt and Road construction, Chinese government enterprises many preferential policies, including financial support. In the exchange period, representatives of financial institutions to provide financial support and perfect overseas investment insurance system, the implementation of preferential policies for overseas investment in detail. The general manager of the China Export and Credit Insurance Corp Shandong branch assistant Zhang Quan said, financial institutions and policy support can help enterprises get rid of market barriers and overseas financing bottleneck, reduce enterprise transnational management system of transaction cost. Jerry China enterprise group has investment, project contracting and other advantages in oil and gas fields, has been in more than 60 countries and regions to boost energy utilization and energy engineering projects. Jerry said the next group CEO, international cooperation capacity is a very important aspect that investment capacity, cooperation is not a simple selling equipment, but in the "The Belt and Road along the country to increase investment, or wholly owned or holding, or shares. According to reports, in recent years China enterprises in overseas energy construction project investment operation has accumulated a wealth of experience, with technical and financial advantages and project operation ability. Shandong Yantai city in twenty-first Century is an important node in the maritime Silk Road, trade with more than 60 "The Belt and Road along the country. (end)

20多位驻华外交官烟台共谋国际能源投融资合作-中新网   中新社烟台8月25日电 (张玉雷)“国际能源投融资合作新主张”交流会25日在烟台举行,俄罗斯、阿联酋等20余个国家的驻华使馆大使、参赞及中国相关金融机构、企业代表共谋国际能源投融资合作。   哈萨克斯坦驻华参赞阿布称,哈萨克斯坦“光明大道”新经济政策与中国“一带一路”战略相辅相成,有助于两国工业创新和交通合作取得更多成果。   据悉,为支持“一带一路”建设中的国际产能合作,中国政府给予企业很多优惠政策,其中就包含金融支持。在此次交流会期间,金融机构的代表对提供金融支持、健全境外投资保险制度、落实海外投资优惠政策等进行了详细介绍。   中国出口信用保险公司山东分公司总经理助理张泉称,金融机构和政策的支持可以帮助企业破除海外市场壁垒和融资瓶颈,降低企业跨国经营的制度性交易成本。   中国企业杰瑞集团在石油和天然气等领域拥有投资开发、工程承包等优势,已在60多个国家和地区助力能源开发利用和能源工程项目。杰瑞集团CEO何翌称,国际产能合作很重要的一方面就是投资,产能合作不是简单的卖设备,而是在“一带一路”沿线国家加大投资,或全资、或控股、或参股。   据介绍,近年来中国企业在海外能源建设项目的投资运营方面积累了丰富经验,具备技术和资金的优势及项目运营能力。   山东烟台是21世纪海上丝绸之路重要节点城市,与60余个“一带一路”沿线国家有贸易往来。(完)相关的主题文章: