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Secret Beckham endorsement Luneng behind the British wine Diageo, H&, M, Amani, Adidas, C& K…… The endorsement of numerous brand’s legendary football star Beckham in the global scope, since last September 20th announced the first cross-border real estate industry has become a strategic partner and Luneng Group spokesperson, maintain business cooperation with Luneng has deeply, and in September 20th of this year, Beckham once again came to the China in Luneng conference. Although the star + real estate endorsements case is not uncommon, but one side is the old housing prices Luneng, the other side is the star and fashion superstar Beckham, the two sides of the huge contrast, but still can maintain or curious. "Beckham is the best choice of luneng." Luneng group related responsible person gave away the secret of Luneng and Beckham too "like". Only the most important point — Beckham perennial with strength, steady image, and Luneng agree without prior without previous consultation. Since 1996-1997 Premier League Beckham’s first shot so far, hard work, positive, sunny health, has become the label of the life of Beckham". With its own strength and eventually grow into a generation of football superstar Beckham, and Luneng Group’s growth path is quite common. It is understood that, for many years engaged in real estate development Luneng Group, always adhere to the quality of life advocacy residential concept, focus on force the central city and regional advantages, investment and development with the strength and influence of large projects. At the beginning of 2004, Luneng by virtue of strength, accumulate steadily, won the "Chinese ten real estate brand" title, to 2015, Luneng Group developed land construction area of 12 million 270 thousand square meters, in the development of the construction area of about 8 million 770 thousand square meters, the sales revenue of $20 billion, has been ranked among the top 50 real estate development. In the first half of 2016, Luneng Group sales performance ranked twenty-first in the national real estate business. After years of development, and also Luneng group stage Beckham has entered the stage of the internationalization strategy of different approaches but equally satisfactory results. In recent years, Luneng with a long-term vision and strength, not only has accumulated rich experience in market development, more in the development of diversification, integration of products, grafting of international resources, cultivate independent brands to build an open platform, and gradually formed a real estate, new energy for the internationalization development pattern of core industries. In Luneng view, Beckham as an influential figure in the world, its positive, highly social responsibility of the image, just in time for the development strategy of the Luneng group highly consistent. "Luneng Beckham together, to live more likely" – as Beckham endorsement Luneng’s slogan, Luneng not only with Beckham in the international strategy go hand in hand to dig deeper into Beckham in life sports health, family warmth, sunshine positive image, open green, healthy living more imagination. It is reported that Luneng sports + sports leisure industry chain as the core, to explore the business, tourism, real estate business model, module combination, profit. Sports + 7 product line Luneng Taishan No. 7 to advocate all.相关的主题文章: