On the west side of Harbin yangmingtan bridge they baited with Dove Bird-sql2005安装图解

Harbin: on the west side of the yangmingtan bridge they baited birds recently with dove life reported in November 9th, members of the public to reflect, on the west side of the Harbin yangmingtan bridge was used as bait to trap dove. 8, 10 am, the reporter followed the material came to the scene to see, an area of more than 10 square meters of weeds, surrounded by a network around, there is a dove, a pile of corn kernels and a frozen water bottle. After the reporter observed that this dove is tied to a rope on one leg, the other was tied to a stone, dove can only be within the range of fifty or sixty cm in diameter. No one around the net. See the poor dove is really heartbreaking, reporters and people to discuss the material, the rope open dove. According to the report of Mr. Sun introduction, this site is found in a recent morning when he. This bird is living through the method, after dove lure wild birds here. Once the wild birds into the net, you have no way out. Previously, he also in the vicinity of the people in, but did not see dove live bait to catch birds, this behavior is too wicked. 14 pm the same day, the reporter a telephone interview with Harbin Daoli District Forestry Station Li Guangming webmaster, webmaster Li told reporters, is illegal in any place in the. Once captured Fowler, according to the number of bird species, capture and protection level, be punished according to the "People’s Republic of China wild animal protection law".相关的主题文章: