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Developers, real estate intermediary "fans" market   regulatory departments offering strict regulations regulation — Shaanxi Channel – original title: developers, real estate intermediary "fans" of the property market supervision departments offering strict compliance remediation in Beijing in September 30, (Kong Haili) recently, the property market was "high fever", resulting in skyrocketing housing prices the public panic and dissatisfaction. Real estate companies, intermediaries have deliberately released false information, inciting the property market violations, violations have become a direct incentive to direct the property market heating up. People picture data for a number of large and medium cities property market continued high fever phenomenon, many have introduced specific regulatory measures to cool. For the real estate agents and developers of a number of irregularities, all over the notification and remediation. Among them, Beijing, Shanghai, Ji’nan and other places is multi sectoral joint thorough investigation of the real estate market cover Xishou and false advertising behavior. 29, by the Beijing Construction Committee led, multi sectoral Joint Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau combined with a number of projects in Fengtai District Yizhuang economic and Technological Development Zone, the special inspection. The investigation found that part of the project sales site publicity information is not complete, the sales staff did not record, released to purchase the number of houses sold and the actual number of houses sold does not match, there is no price tag, in the pre-sale permit within three days without one-time public houses, refused to purchase the use of provident fund loans, no the price tag and other issues in accordance with the prescribed contents and ways. At the same time, found in the register of registration, housing sales advertisements and housing sales contract to check in on the real estate development business, some advertising content suspected of violating the relevant provisions of the "advertisement law" etc.. To identify the problems of the project, the inspection of law enforcement officers on the spot to the development of enterprises rectification, and the sale of the site publicity information insufficiency, property hoarding and other illegal acts further investigation; verified, will implement the administrative punishment of related enterprises, and the punishment of information uploaded to the Beijing enterprise credit information network publicity publicity. At the same time, the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee has suspended two projects signed, start the qualification verification of enterprise development; and its alleged violations to the land, industry and commerce, taxation, finance and other departments, the transfer of the relevant departments for further processing. According to the Beijing municipal housing and urban and Rural Construction Committee official micro-blog "live in Beijing" news briefing, Beijing Municipal Construction Committee interviews will be part of the development of enterprises and intermediary agencies, informed the law enforcement investigation, and requirements of enterprises in accordance with the law and regulations, serious consequences should bear clear violations of enterprises. In addition, Beijing will also increase the supervision of the real estate market and the daily inspection efforts to strike disrupted the market behavior, and resolutely crack down and punish cover Xishou and other illegal acts. Beijing is not only the existence of real estate development enterprises and intermediary illegal, illegal behavior. reporter combing found that since September, a number of city property market regulation issued information, almost all in the marketing subject in violation of laws and regulations behavior notification and punishment, a city is a direct introduction of the relevant strict regulations. 28, Ji’nan issued new regulations on real estate regulation, in addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, one相关的主题文章: