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Analysis of dream team network] good luck King Fucai 3D 16302nd recommendation summary [dream team] 16302nd net lottery 3D period: 3 size analysis alone recommended: from nearly 10, hundred decimal places in less, estimated 100 out of decimal may be higher, ten of the large number of decimal number. The ten meter high pre may open a large number, a large number of decimal out, estimated a bit out of decimal may be higher. Recommendation: 3 with biliary bile: 90 and 12, 11, good value: 13 size: small size, big recommended recommended: two odd even parity 012 recommended: 000 Road, 010 Road, 112 road span recommended: 2 and 4 groups of selected forms: Group Three: 390333433430103301451531559351 radio forecast dream team net] 3D 16302nd period: Yan Jiangnan welfare lottery No. 16301 on the 6 yard Lore: 572. Number of features: large size, odd parity, quality, and value: 4: 14. According to the above number of lottery number and analyze the characteristics of 16302 recommended Danma attention: 4, 0, 5, two, 24, 20 yards attention: 25, 28: small size large size parity concern: even odd even even odd mass and mass concern: crude crude tail attention: 9, 1 and value attention: 9, 22, 5012, 122: 120 killed 1 yards: 6 duplex radio recommendation: 100 (4320) ten (5820) a (0348) 30 note: 450500003303384083480054553523 588023288304408484080058020254 300580358454024228000008554420 recommended direct prediction [dream team net] after the ginger Fucai 3D 16302nd: a focus on the 0 Road Kill 6 last out of 572, and a value of 14, parity format: odd parity, the size of large size format for a span of 5201 to 212. Hundred nearly 10 analysis, 5806177335, more than a hundred large number, the number of nearly 10 relatively active. From parity point of view: more than 100 odd odd, even cold. From the quality point of view: 100 more prime. According to the trend analysis, the next 1 road number. To provide energy-saving 4. Ten nearly 10 analysis, the size of the 7045688320, the probability of the basic agreement is the same as the ten. From parity point of view: ten odd out less. From the quality point of view: the ten prime numbers out of small, relatively active. According to the trend analysis, the next 2 Road number. To provide energy-saving 9. A nearly 10 phase analysis, 23相关的主题文章: