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Huizhou started the reform of endowment insurance in Institutions – Guangdong channel — original title: Huizhou launched the reform of endowment insurance institutions 13, held in Huizhou to start the implementation of the mobilization of the endowment insurance system reform of institutions, and introduces the specific content of reform. Vice mayor Huang Shuzheng introduction, in recent years, the city’s basic old-age insurance for urban workers and urban and rural residents basic pension insurance total number of more than 3 million people. However, the city’s 135 thousand organs and institutions of staff and retirees are also free of the pension system. Therefore, the reform of endowment insurance system is an inevitable choice to speed up the improvement of the social security system covering both urban and rural areas. From 2015 onwards, the state and Guangdong have made decisions and arrangements to start the reform of organs and Institutions Pension Insurance system. Subsequently, the development of specific implementation of the views of Huizhou, and formally issued. Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, the overall level of pension insurance from the county level start, when conditions are ripe to gradually improve the overall level. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the government departments and institutions endowment insurance individual payment of principal and interest, will give me the one-time payment before retirement. Unified declaration by the unit, after the preparation of the competent authorities, organizations, human and social sector, the financial sector and the social security department will be audited after the amount of the unit account, issued by the unit to my payroll account. Individual payment of principal and interest payment in accordance with the "easy to difficult, step by step" principle, and strive to be completed within half a year. By the city people club Bureau in conjunction with the Municipal Finance Bureau shall formulate the specific audit and handling process, "the Huizhou government departments and institutions pension reform before the individual payment of principal and interest payment handling procedures" has been issued. Huang Shuzheng requirements, this reform should be a good grasp of the implementation of the time node, the scope of reform, fund raising channels, pension plan hair method and individual payment of principal and interest payment principle. (Liu Guangmingbao) (commissioning editor Yang Jieli and Zhang Haiyan)相关的主题文章: