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Zhu Ting joined the women’s Volleyball League attack test + + cooking practice attack two games a week – Sports Sohu   in September 23rd, with the attention of fans in Zhu Ting training w Keifer bank women’s volleyball team, coach Guidetti will be in training after the first time to ask her, "how do you feel? There is no feeling of pain? Feeling tired?". In this regard, Zhu Ting truthfully answer "I’m fine, (right shoulder) there will be a little bit (pain), will also have a little bit of (fatigue), but also to show the Guidetti training results, is a piece of bruises arms received heavy ball volleyball smashing. Zhu Ting is on the 17 day to Turkey, turning on the tile Keifer bank club life stories, the "I think through these days is more compatible, there may not be at home then habit, but I feel much better than expected, including some of their own cooking, from the apartment to the side of training like, or more shun." W Keifer bank women’s volleyball team these days of training, arrangement of recovery and adjustment, so the amount of training is relatively small, a few games with his teammates in training down familiar with each other, Zhu Ting believe they can quickly into the club, "the match between some buttons, may not be too understanding. But I think, through yesterday’s training, the future is also a week’s time, you can reach a tacit understanding of the……" For the world cup and the Olympic Games double MVP, GUI Guidetti as coach of the family group said, "from my observation of these days, I think she came here, very excited and happy. It’s all new to her, and I’m sure it will be an unforgettable experience in her life and her volleyball career." In order to better integrate into the tile Keifer bank club, Zhu Ting is stepping up time to Learn Turkish words, "(now) can say a sentence, is me, because the field to dig, to take the initiative to call my pronunciation or she like, will shout the word." Zhu Ting broke bestie live very hard to learn a foreign language, but also a learning method is not scientific, because English is used in quick Pinyin tagging, phonogram learning must be shelved. Turkey women’s Volleyball League called the Volleyball World League, Zhu Ting can select here, is to be able to improve their technology in the high level of the stage, "this league level is very high, including tile Keifer bank is a relative strength of the club. I think here is the first to be able to learn something, also can learn from each other and between teammates about it, it will help to improve their own." In the face of the new season the soil Super League, Zhu Ting will be the new problems with the natural lot, "the first is to fit between the two and, maybe some gesture now ah, and Chinese women are not the same, for example, some may have shouted, high and low, fast, another difficulty is cooking". Zhu Ting arrived in Turkey, the first task is to the supermarket to buy green onion cook, then released his greeting to the fans on social networks and shopping video. In mid October, Zhu Ting will join the new team in the world women’s Volleyball Club Championship, as well as the next Turkey League and相关的主题文章: