Riley finally relented Wade is the only player to have no tears of regret-下北glory days

Riley finally relented: players and no tears Wade is sorry for Riley and Wade September 9th Beijing time only, during the heat president Pat Riley recently accepted the interview, he talked about the heat this summer and Wade leave the adjustment effect. He said that although the players come and go, but the team still want to move forward, so no apology, no regrets, no tears, in addition to Dwyne – Wade. "There is no apology, no regret – except for one – no tears." Riley said that he was referring to the man who apparently went to Wade. "Good luck to him, we have to move on, players come and go, but the team has to move on." "Obviously, it’s been a tough summer for me and the team." Riley said, "what happened to Wade shocked me, I will miss him before the plan, I thought he would die miami. Wade left, my responsibility, I have regret, I didn’t put myself in the negotiation, I have no necessary dugout canoes to the Mediterranean, when he appeared on the Sixth Street, I did not go to New York, did not meet him at the airport." In addition to losing Wade, Miami in the offseason also lost Deng and Joe Johnson, they have become a young team full of sports ability, the team veteran will be less than in recent years. "I’m excited about our new players." When it comes to the next step, Riley, 71, said. "Maybe we’ll make a deal, or take the opportunity to sign big players in the free agent market next summer, like in the summer of 2010." (NBA official website)相关的主题文章: