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Fu Yuanhui uses the World Cup debut in Beijing Railway Station   "expression"   – Sports – people.com.cn original title: "where I can swim breaststroke and butterfly?" Yesterday morning, the fina short course World Cup series Beijing Railway Station news conference held in the water cube, China swimming team sent Fu Yuanhui, Xu Jia two most popular athletes in. This is Fu Yuanhui in the limelight from the Rio Olympics after returning to the first time in front of a large number of domestic media appearances. It is a "walking expression package", "Fu Ye" both before and after the conference in an interview with reporters or conference photography changqiangduanbao aim and containment are always just perfect, colorful expressions and gestures let reporters feel that this line, but also to have been slightly boring the press conference is very lively. Facial expression feature to continue the press conference to complete the floor of each guest Fu Yuanhui is the first to lead the audience applauded, fully demonstrated its respect for the guests. In Hungary’s Mr Huo recounted every year to Beijing team felt when Fu Yuanhui listened with relish, always stared thoughtfully at the Hungarian "fierce female", also from time to time with surprise and nodded, just do not know how to understand the "Fu Ye" Hungary flavored english. In South Africa Olympic champion Le Close tells his will when the occasional use of China acupuncture to treat the disease and to restore the physical, "Fu Ye" open mouth, and then hand in his face and gestures, Le Close exchanges acupuncture to, you really will use acupuncture "? Sometimes serious, sometimes joking, sometimes calm, sometimes naughty, "Fu ye to do is yourself. "Seoul, southeast wind, since I stand", this is the whims of Fu Yuanhui. "Which I can swim breaststroke and butterfly?" In this short course World Cup Beijing Railway Station game, Fu Yuanhui did not report the main items of their own, but to test two: and the 100 meter individual medley and 50 meter freestyle. A few days ago in determining the entries when she and the Beijing Youth Daily reporter said, "where I can swim breaststroke and butterfly ah, certainly can not enter the finals." Yesterday, Fu Yuanhui in front of many reporters frankly admitted that, "after the end of the Olympic Games has no competition and training system, in fact in this race is to look for water, feel the game look up and so. Especially the medley, I couldn’t swim breaststroke, it certainly can not enter the finals, will certainly make a fool of yourself." But the reporter asked Fu Yuanhui for autumn every year to participate in the short series in the water cube feeling, "Fu Ye" regained confidence, "the first audience is very enthusiastic, another is I get a lot of champions." Fu Yuanhui added that "serious in speech and manner, the Olympic Games in Beijing, I was in front of the TV, bear children, to personally participate in the competition in the water cube now feel very proud." "I don’t like people asking me questions about love," asked a reporter. "What are you asking for the other half?" Fu Yuanhui said sternly: "I haven’t thought about this problem, I don’t)相关的主题文章: