Su Bingtian joked at the Hong Kong unlicensed driving I mention shoes for the Champions-小坂めぐる

Su Bingtian joked at the Hong Kong unlicensed driving: I led shoes to the Champions Su Bingtian China relay team won the Olympic fourth weeks, Su Bingtian returned from the year’s hometown of Guangdong, originally planned to return immediately after the end of the Olympic Games, the Olympic Games in Rio but no gain medals, but with the the team set a national men’s 4× 100 meters relay record yellow trapeze, by "Wumianzhiwang" courtesy – he was elected to the China Olympic delegation visit to Hong Kong and Macao elite team, the team only three did not get the gold medal in the Rio athletes: Lin Dan, Fu Yuanhui and Subing add. We should invite Su Bingtian brand Yida first station, after coming home, was held in Guangzhou consumers lotus stores Tianhe meeting, will transfer their spirit to shine Smile and the Olympic Games to the home of consumers. In the Olympic Games with the elite delegation visit to Hong Kong and Macao return on the occasion, the audience for "Tim Zi" ready "smile full of surprise party" welcome home, let Su Bingtian feel the profound sentiments of friendship hometown friend "smiling hero". As the first to break the 10 meter mark in the 100 meter race Asians, Su Bingtian at the Rio Olympics with his teammates to refresh the Chinese men’s sprint and relay the best Olympic record. Inside and outside the game, even in the face of racial differences in physical fitness, fierce competition among the masters, the adjustment of their own conditions and other pressures and challenges, but Su Bingtian has always been a positive response to a smile. This is known as the "Chinese laugh" confidence, showing a new generation of China athletes enjoy challenge positive spirit, inspired countless viewers. The more interesting ah Tim inbound tour, Su Bingtian and Fu Haifeng, artist Hacken Lee went to the stage to sing a "red sun", the whole network video crazy pass, many people are familiar with Su Bingtian, said he could sing like this on the stage, people really feel "live long". In fact, usually when the bath will roar two sentences." Su Bingtian was asked in an interview, usually like to sing it, this question, replied, should be a lot of people have this habit." He’s not a love show, but he was in a meeting international brand, Su Bingtian and fans crazy. This "laugh Games", each activity design with Su Bingtian, grimace, demonstrating high leg, it was a very open, also attracted the audience of reporters and fans laughed. "I didn’t expect him to play like that." There are many years of interviews with reporters interviewed Su Bingtian evaluation. Last year twice in the men’s 100 meters in 9.99 seconds out of success, but also the historic achievement of this into the world championships final, worth double Su Bingtian up, the current carrying multiple brand contract, Yida made for him "ten tooth smile" posters everywhere, Su Bingtian, the teeth sparkling with a strong expression on the show in Beijing last year, the world championships Chinese 100m relay team gain a gold medal history, when he and teammate Zhang Peimeng hug laugh, is one of the classic picture of the world championships in Beijing. More and more are invited to attend various activities of Su Bingtian, from the original dialogue with reporters need to consider thinking and statements, became now the interviewer and talk the topic"相关的主题文章: