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Coutinho: slag uncle brought triumphalism – Sohu sports Liverpool star Coutinho in an interview with the team official anger team coach Klopp to us, he believes that Klopp brought a belief to Liverpool at the same time, Coutinho also praised his team mate Firmino. Coutinho and Cyclops "uncle brought us slag belief, he let all Liverpool players have become very confident. I think everyone’s potential is now fully aroused, which also allows us to perform better on the pitch." Coutinho said in an interview with the team’s official website. Of course, a week after week of training and experiment in the game, we have a lot of progress, but, to our request is always only one — for all the team on their own." Coutinho and Firmino, he formed a strong attack, the bird also praised the Phil Mino library wonderful performance in the offensive end. Phil Mino is a very smart player, he thought very quickly, he always wanted to create a little more offensive space for other players." "Every time we are in the training class, we are constantly cultivating a tacit understanding between each other, and now there is no gap between him and me, so that we can not stand on the court." "Phil and Mino are also very good at the game, his ball is too much, I hope in the future of the game in order to maintain the state of Firmino."相关的主题文章: