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The new season report: Jeremy fill the weakest part of Los underestimated a team of NBA movie nets: Jinyuan times went to the Tencent sports news September 1st (soul at the end of paper Kevin Pelton ESPN writer) over the past few seasons Broolyn nets record bottom, the upcoming 2016-17 season, Lopez Jeremy Lin and Brook under the leadership of in the reconstruction period, the nets can have what performance? Jeremy Lin Jeremy Lin’s 28 year old scouting reports: control the depth of guard position, increase the first option stable roll initiator, but also can play the ball against a small player is an excellent defender: analysis from the "linsanity" has been in the past four and a half years now, as a veteran Jeremy Lin to return to New York. Jeremy Lin has not had a regular starting position since the 2012-13 season, and he has been a bench leader in the Sherlock Hornets last season. He is one of the best point guard in the free player market this summer, it makes up for the nets weakest position. The team is a good for Jeremy Lin, because he can finally get a lot of the ball, and no star guard (James harden, Kobe Bryant, Kemba Walker) share the ball. Last season, when Jeremy Lin was on the spot as a point guard, he was able to score 18.2 points and 5.4 assists every 36 minutes. In the position of the point guard, Jeremy Lin’s body is relatively strong, so many times last season he had to be ranked two players, some of the losses on the scene. As a matter of fact, when Jeremy Lin was in control, his defense was very good. Brook – 28 year old Lopez is the center of a scouting report: offensive skills comprehensive, efficient score both in high or low threat defense are very slow, no loss to send capping analysis: to maintain a healthy, Lopez can play a very pleasing performance. But now the problem is that he can use his play to lead the nets forward. Lopez is one of the most popular attacking centers in the league, scoring his second place in the League last season, after the Sanantonio spurs, LaMarcus, and the second half of the spurs. Lopez’s defense has been underestimated, although he slow roll only encounter opponents defended, unable to switch the defender, but his size and strength to limit the opponent to do action to a great extent. At the same time Lopez has a high blocking rate, and he rarely gets caught in a foul. Lewis Scola’s 36 year old scouting report: with rich experience, is a great teammate flexible pace, there are three points shooting defensive end is responsible, not because of the loss and trying to cap analysis: last season, as a veteran Scola in the Toronto Raptors played 76 starts, they win 56 of them. Although he is only 29 times in the fourth Festival, but a wealth of experience and leadership for the Raptors provides great help. Scola was an excellent pitcher and even developed three points last season. However, with the growth of age, his shooting stability has declined, the number of free line on the bench is also less and less. Scola is very hard on the defensive side.相关的主题文章: