Dimitar Nadal wins his first in the semi-finals will be A Rao Niki-捷安特xtc750

Dimitar Nadal wins his first in the semi-finals will be A Rao Niki (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing on October 7th news, ATP500 season China tennis tournament launched the men’s singles 14 finals of the contest, the former champion, the Spaniard Nadal face Dmitry rove, the poor state of 2-6 in the final 4-6 defeat, missed the semi-finals, Dimitar career first Nadal wins, and Rao Niki will compete in the finals, the net will be the birth of a new men’s singles champion. Nadal yesterday against Manari promise to withstand the second set test would pass smoothly, he confronts the Dimitrov players SLR today, two people had 7 games against Nadal are unbeaten. The first game, Nadal slightly slow, 0-40 had three break points, even though he had 3 points to divide, but Dimi still won the first break in the tug of war, the next four games, two people who are not able to protect hair, Dimi with a break with the advantages of 3-2 dominant and obtain security in the break points after the Bulgarian guy to lead 4-2, Nadal still trapped errors in the seventh inning, Dimi took the break again, then he is in check out ACE, won the first set 6-2. Second, Nadal was the first to break, Dimitar after Paul made the 2-0 lead, sent invisible eggs, Nadal third break points Baofa, stop the continuous drop points decline, Dimitar will send love game Paul made strong, fifth games behind 15-40 Nadal scored 4 points under the condition of security, but confidence is high the Dimitar in her Serving Bureau also did not give the mobile phone will continue to lead 4-2 baofa. After two people break point Paul made Dimitar 5-4 ahead. After Paul made it easy to get the next disc Dimitar 6-4. A game in the lotus stadium ended, the No. 3 seed Rao Niki 6-4 6-4 Busta, to reach the semifinals, become Dimiteluofu semi-final opponent.相关的主题文章: