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Gaolathe: willing to fulfill the contract to return to the national team of Brazil Hengda Sohu -2016 Super Sports Video Awards Gaolathe won the best player of the year award: Gaolathe won 2016 super Golden Boot Beijing time on November 5th, 2016 super high star awards ceremony, Hengda won the MVP and two special top scorer award, has become the biggest winner of the season. The first is the best shooter GalAT receive honor, he said, "I get the best shooter, Hengda excellent cannot do without the help of his teammates. I am very happy to be able to participate in such a grand celebration. Hope to continue to have a good performance next season, next year to continue to stand on the stage to get the honor." When the GalAT won the MVP award, he again published the award-winning speech, "thanks to my teammates and wife last year did not get too MVP. I have been eager to receive this award on this stage, I will never forget, I also thank you for your support and help." Topic of Brazil, GalAT said, "I fully show myself by Hengda this platform, players are very good, I have confidence to return to the Brazil team." The future will continue to remain in effect Hengda, GalAT did not directly answer, "when I finish with Hengda contract, talk about their own future." (Ariel)相关的主题文章: