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Why the Taiwan authorities rushed detonated grievances? Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing – 13 September Xinhua: Taiwan authorities how rushed detonated grievances? Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Jianxing Wen ye? "To go sightseeing, don’t turn off the light; 92 (consensus), not for hungry". Taiwan tourism industry around 12 in Taipei launched the parade, criticized the DPP government policies lead to mainland tourists to Taiwan dropped. Recently, the protests against the DPP authorities on the island, one of the latest protests among tourists. Took office less than four months of the Taiwan authorities, why so quickly ignited public anger? Back on the occasion of the occasion, the new leaders of the Taiwan authorities had passionate commitment, known as the "problem solving", so that we are proud of the change". Just over a hundred days, in addition to the new authorities did not abuse, but became a problem making machine". Reality has indeed changed, but the grassroots feel not pride but pain. People with anger and resentment, why? Comparison of the new government leaders and their ruling team’s words and deeds, the answer is obvious. The "5? 20 words speak" to create "is not the" unity of the democratic ideology of kidnapping ", in response to social and economic problems" efficiency of democracy "," take care of people’s essence of "practical democracy."". That is, to borrow against pension reform is regarded as the political supporters of the military and government groups, making social opposition Conservative bound tear; cross-strait economic and trade exchanges and cooperation with the mainland, hinder Taiwanese industry, the industry of the future care-laden. Look at the farmers slogan that protest in tourism industry, taxi driver, fishery, ordinary citizens angry reflects how the authorities "care for people". The fact is there, no one can deny. The Democratic Progressive Party A "brain trust" is again good, words and then gorgeous, also to conceal their arrogance and incompetence of the ruling power. To live livelihoods and people have cried out to the public opinion on the island will tear off its disguise, bluntly Taiwan new authorities rushed to ignite the nature of cause discontent "Ideological source". After eight years to return to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, but did not change the old habits, still fascinated by the manipulation of ideology fight game, being only political interests. The economy and people’s livelihood is not, cannot, after taking office in the so-called "busy transitional justice" is a cover for liquidation, political opponents, and contain "Taiwan independence" Ideological and political theory to the social system of perfusion, leading to Shimachi Masaharu opposition deepened, intensified economic and social contradictions, relations between the two sides deadlocked even retrogress. Denounce the DPP public opinion quickly assembled, the fundamental reason is that the island in the society where to Taiwan, deeply worried and uneasy. Further analysis of the current problems and contradictions facing Taiwan, we can see that the trend of cross-strait relations profoundly affect the reality and future of Taiwan. The political nature of stubborn DPP came to power, its leaders have so far refused to recognize as both sides of the common political basis of the "92 consensus", causing disruption of institutionalized cross-strait communication mechanisms, NPC and CPPCC dialogue stalled, cross-strait relations, cross-strait exchanges and cooperation in various fields by.相关的主题文章: