The Turkey army was the army air strikes to President Putin. -mine_清翼

Turkey army air forces by President Putin to "complain" original title: Turkey army was the army air strikes? El’s looking for Putin Turkey’s military reasoning claimed that land forces are military missions in northern Syria executed hit 24 Syria army raid, 3 soldiers died. This is since August this year the Turkish army sent troops to Syria for the first time under the Bashar regime were killed by guns. To this end, Turkey President rejep Tayyip Erdogan El · · the 25 day call to Russian President Vladimir · Putin "". But the two sides did not disclose the content of the conversation, only said diplomatically, the two countries will strengthen dialogue and coordination of counter-terrorism measures. [scene] Putin find the presidential palace in Turkey an unnamed sources told the Reuters reporter, El Erdogan said the earthwork respect Syria’s territorial sovereignty over the phone, just in order to combat extremist organization troops across the border. Moscow Kremlin spokesman said, Putin and El’s "constructive" talks, the two sides agreed to continue to strengthen dialogue and coordination to deal with international terrorism. In August 24th this year, the Turkish army launched code named "Euphrates shield" military operations across the border into northern Syria, the name is to remove the Islamic state and other extremist organizations and curbing Kurdish armed threat. The Bashar regime thought it was a violation of its sovereignty and repeatedly condemned Turkey. Turkey in the civil war in Syria has been standing on the opposite side of the Bashar regime, and actively support the armed opposition, seeking to step down, Bashar. Western countries had also identified Turkey extremist organizations "border zone close one eye", was denied the earth. Russia has been behind the Bashar regime, and the latter requires military intervention the situation in Syria. Turkey, which has just been rebuilt with Russia, recently lowered the tone of Bashar’s criticism. The Turkey army and its support of the opposition armed forces are currently moving towards Aleppo, Beijiao Bu Bu bu. According to the Reuters that bab Islamic state in Aleppo on the outskirts of town at the last stronghold, the Shabab has been around Syria government forces and Kurdish armed attack. With the continuous deepening of the hinterland of the hinterland of Syria, the possibility of military conflict with the Turkish army and the Syria government forces and Kurdish militants. In fact, the Turkish army had repeatedly bombarded the Kurdish armed forces range. Turkey’s military goal in Syria is to clear the "Islamic state" and curb Kurdish forces. Analysts pointed out that although the name of the land army, two are playing, but the focus is clearly placed in the latter. In recent years, armed Kurdish in northern Syria has become the main force in the fight against the Islamic state in the United States under the support, a rapidly expanding sphere of influence, has the fact that autonomy in northern Syria. Turkey fears that once the Kurdish autonomous region of Syria, Turkey will have a demonstration effect of millions of Kurds, endangering the security of Turkey. The United States had repeatedly beat Turkey, asked Turkey to focus on the fight against the Islamic state, while Kay相关的主题文章: