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The boy in the hotel is water slide kick hurt claims no responsibility – hotel said Beijing water slide spleen kicked boy brought against the hotel hotel claims that parents not optimistic about the JINGWAH children twelve times news (reporter Zheng Yujia) 11 year old boy in a resort hotel Taotao water world water slide, was followed by sliding down 9 old boy Xiaoqiang kick was diagnosed as splenic rupture injury. Taotao will Xiaoqiang and hotel to court, claims more than 2 yuan. The day before yesterday, the case in Shunyi court hearing. The hotel does not agree that the parents of the two children did not fulfill the responsibility of guardianship. The plaintiffs, in July 8th, and father Lee Taotao spent 80 yuan tickets in a Spa Resort Hotel resort. The hotel has a world of water rides, Taotao sliding down on a water slide when being followed by a 9 year old boy Xiaoqiang kicked injury. After the incident, the parents took Taotao to the hospital for treatment. Taotao was diagnosed with abdominal closed trauma, rupture of spleen and peritoneal effusion. Failed due to Lee with her parents and the injury compensation Hotel Xiaoqiang Taotao Taotao consultation, taken to court, request compensation for all hotel Xiaoqiang, economic losses more than 2 yuan. Taotao’s father said, what water slide is a recreation area for children, the parents can not enter the hotel, "said both sides parents have the obligation of guardianship, but this place for adults to go into something, it is difficult to timely rescue, the scene is not a security officer". Xiaoqiang father Mr. Zhao also said that after the incident he returned to the scene to observe and play video, found no safety no lifeguards, "I think the hotel gross negligence". Hotel staff argued that the video was not recorded at the time, can not be determined to be the place where the accident occurred, it can not prove anything, the scene of each device is indeed safe lifeguard staring at the scene. At the same time, the incident did not monitor, it can not provide". The hotel side believes that the cause of the accident is the two sides of the child’s parents did not fulfill the responsibility of guardianship, the company is not at fault, should not be liable, it does not agree with the compensation. The case is not in court for sentencing.相关的主题文章: