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15 year-old girl was 120 thousand when his wife had sold to others for several times – Li Hebi city news Dutch act Sohu in Xunxian County said, "someone through WeChat search nearby" function, add him as a friend, then the friend told him that she had been sold to people as a daughter-in-law, who is also a soft cut, want to suicide…… What is the matter? "City reports": young girls rescued 15 young girls for WeChat in mid September, Hebi City, Xunxian County is Mike chat with friends in WeChat, a stranger to add him as a friend. The other is a girl, the girl asked Li micro letter for a favor, this request to Mike frightened. In the chat, Mike: that girl named Mei, just 15 years old this year, she said she was cheated out of Yunnan, now being monitored can’t go out, very desperate. In constant questioning, and to tell about their Li Xiaomei in Yunnan after being cheated. In the chat, Li Xiaomei found more and more bad mood, suicide and a few degrees. In Mike’s persuasion, may temporarily dispel the idea of suicide and the family contact told Xiao li. People did not expect that, after this chat, Li Xiaomei and completely lost contact. Reporter survey looking girl posing traces Li grew more and more afraid, so help the city reported. In order to verify the Xiaomei said, reporters repeatedly call the city Xiaomei family telephone. ADA mother told reporters that they lived in Yingjiang County of Dehong City, Yunnan Province, and may have lost contact for several days. So, how may cheated in Yunnan, what her experience in the end? Where is it now? Xiao Li told reporters that he and Xiaomei chat, Xiaomei has through WeChat to send him two position. In September 20th, reporters rushed to the city first gave a village li Xiaomei send location. In order to facilitate the investigation, the reporter to promote agricultural insurance and the identity of the villagers talked, hoping to get some clues. However, the day of the survey, the reporter did not find valuable clues. The second day early in the morning, the reporter arrived at Xiaomei was sent to another position of li. In the process of a visit from door to door, the villagers accidentally revealed a message. The villagers evasive, reluctant to say. According to this clue, the reporter got the exact information from other villagers. All the clues provided by the villagers are pointing to a family of villagers home, in accordance with the guidance of the villagers, the reporter found Guo home. Into the alley, the reporter saw far away, guarding the door three people. And these people in the conversation, the reporter found a girl in the yard of the figure flashed, the girl and the photo may dress very similar! This fleeting figure is Xiaomei? In order to avoid reporters leave, act rashly and alert the enemy, has been in the vicinity of the homes of villagers squat, and report to the police. Plainclothes police rescue the girl tell secrets reporter after the alarm, the police rushed to the scene. In the house, the police found.相关的主题文章: