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The man was a strange disease for forty years: a big two large (Figure) – the new network for Xia Yuanhai is waiting for check. Zhong Xin, photo Chongqing, October, 25 (by Han Luwu), "is this an alien?" (Reuters) – His head is so big!" 25, a man looks different from ordinary people caused onlookers at the outpatient department of Xinqiao Hospital of Third Military Medical University. It is understood that the two big head of a patient named Xia Yuanhai. The 53 year old he was a "big". 40 years later, in the multi help finally came to the Xinqiao Hospital Comprehensive examination. It is understood that when Xia Yuanhai looks same as ordinary people. Because of his cleverness, he was deeply loved by his parents, the only one of the 6 brothers and sisters in the family who had read the junior high school. Brother Xia Yuanchang recalled that 13 years old, the family found his brother’s head began to grow around a circle, his face began to deformation. After the younger brother began to listen to other people speak, language expression is also affected, because the class can not hear the teacher said, so the first two days dropped out." At that time, poor medical conditions, poor home, has not found the cause." Xia Yuanchang said that due to the strange face, Xia Yuanhai character is also more and more withdrawn, unwilling to communicate with people. Because of the impact of the body can not continue to read, can not go out to work, Xia Yuanhai can only rely on the country 500 yuan per month subsidy to maintain basic household. But he has only one desire — one day can cure the disease. Xia Yuanhai in the ward. Zhong Xin photo by chance, the media heard the story of Xia Yuanhai, and help them to contact the Xinqiao Hospital of Third Military Medical University. 25, Xia Yuanhai, accompanied by his brother and brother-in-law, came to the Department of plastic surgery. Reception of the deputy director Wang Shaoliang, made a detailed inquiry and preliminary examination for him. Inspection found that Xia Yuanhai maxillofacial severe deformity, including mandibular protrusion, wide cheekbones, eyebrow, nose a prominent lateral orbital wall collapse, double leg, knee varus deformity, there are. Xia Yuanhai’s head circumference is about 75 cm, two times larger than the general people, "it is possible deformation of the skeletal compression of the optic nerve and the auditory nerve, will lead to impaired vision and hearing difficulties, to communicate with people." Wang said. "He is suffering from a rare disease, which we have not seen in the clinic. However, from his bone damage, skin pigmentation, as well as the onset time, there may be a multiple fibrous dysplasia of bone. It also needs to do further verification, if necessary, to conduct multidisciplinary consultation, in order to ultimately determine." Wang told reporters. Currently, Xia Yuanhai has been hospitalized, waiting for CT, blood and other further checks.相关的主题文章: