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"Child heart love story" movie series deflagrated reputation won the praise of "summer child heart love story" exposure "secret love" poster Feng Zhimo lovingly pathetic Tencent entertainment news recently, the country’s largest company by screenwriter blue blue film and television media (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. produced the "child heart love story" series has been on-line broadcast movie screen. The first quarter of the series a total of 15 films, including a special edition of the summer of three. The first line of the "blind", "master the little maid painter’s lover", "tyrant", "rich girl lonely heart" and "love love" in prison after the broadcast has achieved good results. Click on the broken million premiered on the same day, mouth overflowing, was named the child heart love summer series of movies. This series of films from the mainland young actor Liu Qiancheng and mainland new small artistes Feng Zhimo led starred in films, respectively, tells the story of Wu Tianxiang (played by Liu Qiancheng) and Shangguan Michelle, Nguyen Tien Ching (played by Feng Zhimo) and Ren Haoming masterpieces juelian. Liu Qiancheng as the overbearing president, show the unique charm of countless men, and Feng Zhimo circle powder; with high acting and elegant appearance, loved and sought after by the audience. The series is divided into the Liu Qiancheng album and the rev. Liu Qiancheng "," love "album", "forbidden love", "love first love hunting", "hidden", "love to love", "love", "love" is the album Feng Zhimo prison, the "bride", "love", "secret love", "love" and "naked. The second season and Liu Qiancheng von Zhimo album album full screen movie series "child heart love story", has been wildly beating gongs and drums in the preparations. It is reported that the "child heart love story" movie series members need to watch, on the line less than one day, the network had sprung up illegal piracy and resource sharing is a lot more, many video sites were on the ground in a flagrant way of piracy, this behavior has seriously affected the normal movie playback, damage the interests of copyright. Therefore, in order to maintain the good environment of Internet copyright, and in response to the national copyright regulations, blue blue film and television media (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. will take measures to crack down on piracy and infringement of rights, at the same time, and called for a boycott of piracy, genuine support.相关的主题文章: