The 19 year old mother corridor birth newborn 8 floor behind death-纪元1701

The 19 year old mother corridor birth newborn 8 floor behind the original title: 19 year old mother died in the corridor birth is actually cruel to throw down the southeast Neonatal Network November 12th hearing (Strait Herald reporter Huang Minjiang correspondent Lin Yongping Li Shujie) in the corridor after birth, the cruel young mother to newborn dropped from heights. Eventually, she was arrested by the police. In September 11th this year, 2 in the morning, to give birth of (a pseudonym) and her boyfriend A Xiang (a pseudonym) to stay at the new king Century City Building 8 floor sister A Xiang. But my sister was not at home, Axiang has no key to enter, then called the locksmith unlock. While they wait for a locksmith, Yun suddenly to production, and on the 8 floor to the 7 floor of the staircase turret at birth to a baby boy. But the baby is not crying, no movement, coupled with a small, very scared, but she put the baby with the placenta from the table window thrown downstairs, resulting in infant death. Chen found after the death of the baby alarm. In September 16th, the police received a phone call after small, surrendered to the public security organs. After preliminary forensic identification, the baby is due to the fall of the body caused by an important organ injury and death. After investigation, the small, only 19 years old, Hubei Qianjiang people, junior middle school education, work in a Xiamen KTV. The contractor case prosecutors think of falling objects by means of unlawful deprivation of life of newborn babies, serious violent crimes department, suspected of intentional homicide. The day before, the art has been approved the arrest of the Siming District People’s procuratorate. Source: Southeast network editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: