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Sichuan, Bazhong, "noble" kindergarten formaldehyde more than a number of classes off – Sichuan online news (Bai Chuandong reporter Pang Fengwei) sampling 10 points, 4 formaldehyde exceeded. That September 26th, Bazhou District CDC of Si Yun future inspection report released and posted on the wall of the kindergarten, many parents quickly gathered around. The same day, the kindergarten was ordered to rectify the relevant departments, a number of formaldehyde exceeded the bedroom, the classroom was asked to deal with, and was asked to the corresponding class holiday. Si Yun future kindergarten last year opened in September 18th, students ages 3 to 7 years, each school fees ranging from 9800 yuan to 16000 yuan, is worthy of the name of the local noble kindergarten. It is understood that many parents rushed to the school’s brand and education, and never wanted to appear formaldehyde problem. September 26th afternoon, the reporter saw at the entrance to the kindergarten, many parents are asking the teacher and the school to seek excessive formaldehyde detection. Subsequently, the reporter in the air formaldehyde exceed the standard of the most serious elf class bedroom and bedroom to see the fruit class, site stocked with new wood furniture, 2 heavily armed personnel are in addition to formaldehyde. Parents Ms. Wang is a local hospital nurse, she told reporters that her child was 4 years old, from March this year in the school elf class class. The child recently repeatedly nosebleeds symptoms, hospital test results show: alkaline phosphatase (ALP) of normal reference value of 40-150, the child detection index of 218.6, the value is nearly 1 times more than the highest. "At that time, I asked the director of our department and relatives in Bazhong city hospital, the answer is impaired liver and kidney function, may be related to excessive formaldehyde." Some of the fear of Ms. Wang then with many parents, many children have nosebleeds phenomenon. Some parents quickly bring the child to the hospital were examined, showed high alkaline phosphatase. "Is it related to the school facilities?" many parents began to doubt. Some parents reflect the park may exist formaldehyde pollution, led by the Bazhou District Education Sports Bureau joint investigation team of science and technology, Bazhou District Public Security Bureau, Bazhou District Health Bureau, Bazhou District Environmental Protection Bureau in the future of Si Yun kindergarten sampling. The morning of September 25th 9:00 1:30 at noon, in cooperation with the parents of two students on behalf of the full supervision and garden party on behalf of Li Lurong, according to the instructions of the government of Bazhou District CDC Siyun future kindergarten 9 classes and the first floor of the hall of the air formaldehyde concentration detection. The detection results show that the kindergarten class was the dormitory, classroom, wisdom tree elf class bedroom, Baobaole class bedroom formaldehyde in indoor air is "indoor air quality standards" (GB T 18883-2002). Among them, the elf class bedroom formaldehyde concentration in the air of 0.18mg cubic meters, fruit class bedroom formaldehyde concentration in the air of 0.17mg cubic meters, wisdom tree class classroom air formaldehyde content of 0.14mg cubic meters, Baobaole class room air formaldehyde content of 0.12mg cubic meters. Among them, the fairy class room air formaldehyde content exceeded 80%. (formaldehyde.相关的主题文章: