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View is not correct? But I am looking forward to this play together the main men: light (from WeChat public drama can say: junengshuo) double play, the lack of popularity of the older actor configuration, unflattering stories, and Jean I almost missed a good Drama — "to the airport road" Okay, just almost. Also updated to the sixth set, I was slow to open the first episode of it ~ then found, fortunately, did not miss ah! This is the best Korean autumn file best! Plug in the first play OST do background music, has been a few days of single cycle 35 years old + life is generally what? With certain qualifications work, although sometimes tired; also have a stable family, although the ordinary plain; there should also be a naughty child, is worry about his ta. This is just the male and female life now? Cui Xiuya airline stewardess (Kim Ha Neul ornaments) in the still new flight attendants when with the same company handsome captain Pu Zhenxi (Shen Chenglu ornaments) love marriage, two people busy flight work hard to care for family life, so the captain husband own their daughter sent to Malaysia international school. Architecture lecturer Xu Daoyu (Li Shangyun ornaments) a strong artistic atmosphere of the family, the mother superior work intern Hui Yuan Lee, a strong independent single mother set is attracted to him, then two people formed a family. He and his mother Li Huiyuan’s daughter as her own daughter, although in Malaysia international school, but has close relationship between father and daughter. The two family’s daughter became a roommate, also will be the parents of the male and female linked up. Episode 20 minutes, then the protagonist’s life to explain clearly. Both families, children, although nothing has happened, but you know the writer will do something. Get things into that affair, this drama through much ~! So naturally difficult to be accepted by the audience premiere, after Tucao sound of a curse: don’t worry ~ a few sets, our evaluation becomes: good hope they derailed! Although contrary to the moral marriage, but I hope they can be together! (comments from watercress users) word days ~ it seems more than screenwriter, it is necessary to do things together rhythm? Certainly not! We are just as writers gradually in-depth description of "married men and women have the relationship between dignified and imposing", began to explore human nature, thinking of marriage: "marriage encounter the dilemma in the love of your life really want to divorce?" "Marriage is the only choice to give up or continue to endure?" First, let us look at how the choice of male and female owners, each family is not a superficial harmony, there are some things in the marriage of the non humane. For example, more and more complex, with a lot of secret wife, Anne, his daughter, the owner of the airport in Malaysia, a car accident died, the whole family grief. But only the wife of her daughter’s death indifference, not to let her daughter’s relics and ashes returned.相关的主题文章: