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The Department responded "on the cadres to prevent sick promoted" opinions "- Sohu Xinhua news agency Xinhua: Beijing in August 29 further strictly good cracking down — the central organization department responsible person issued" on the cadres to prevent sick promoted "opinions" a reporter asked the Xinhua News Agency reporters Sun Tiexiang and Zhu Jichai in "on the prevention of cadres sick promoted" opinion "(hereinafter referred to as the" opinions ") published on the occasion, the CPC Central Committee Organization Department responsible for the drafting of the" opinions "and the implementation of the problem, to answer a reporter’s question. Q: why do you want to develop this opinion? Answer: the cadres sick promoted all aspects of inside and outside the party, a reflection of the salient issues. The party’s eighteen years, the Central Party strictly adhere to a comprehensive, strict management of cadres, strong regulation four winds, firmly punish corruption, "incremental sick cadres, to reduce the stock to be curbed. All localities and departments to seriously implement the central requirements, strict implementation of the newly revised "Regulations" the appointment of cadres, strengthen the organization and control, blocked a lot of "sick" cadres. But the sick promoted still occur, have not been fundamentally solved. The CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to this. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that strict control of the selection and appointment of cadres, and resolutely prevent sick promoted". Central Comprehensive deepening reform leading group will develop the opinions identified as the focus of reform tasks of the year, the Politburo Standing Committee will also be included in this year’s work points. The "opinions", is to prevent the cadres sick promoted cadres as the focal point, critical point, in the most resolute manner, the most decisive measures to refresh officialdom, the Party cadres and the people need to find out, reasonable use, accurate identification, and resolutely blocking those in political quality, morality, self-discipline and other aspects of "sick" cadres. At the same time, the current local leadership changes gradually, the basic document is timely and necessary, is conducive to further improve the overall system strictly, and the "cadre appoint byelaw" and disciplinary accountability "Regulations", "Regulations", to set up such provisions, the continuous truss system cage. Q: what are the main features of the opinion? A: the opinions of the new spirit of the new requirements of the central authorities, the new experience and new achievements in the reform of the cadre and personnel system, is to do a good job in the selection and appointment of cadres in the new era to follow. The main features are as follows: first, establish the correct orientation. Adhere to the principle of the Party cadres and cadres standard tube, strengthen the leadership of Party organizations and gatekeepers, implement the three three real strict requirements, vigorously develop clean, bold use of loyalty as to play the role of cadres, cadres to prevent sick promoted, and adhere to the cause, fairness, protection work style, dare to do everything and forge ahead of the cadres. Two is the focus of selection and appointment. The key is how to link the selection and appointment of cadres, from the "sick" provisions, request, in order to enhance the pertinence, effectiveness. Three is to focus on solving outstanding problems. For reasons of cadres sick promoted the study and put forward feasible and effective policies and measures. Adhere to the responsibility in front of.相关的主题文章: