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The two men through the WeChat "trick prostitute" and the woman met anti robbery – Beijing, Sichuan Suining online channel news (He Jianping reporter Zhang Jing) livelong night, can’t fall asleep. Suining man Zhang through WeChat "near" add a makeup woman Betty, promised to provide "special services"; at this time, man’s friend Lee also asked him out to play, Zhang will meet with Betty place, eventually, there are two women came to meet, and the two sides on a good price. Two men and two women claiming to be "boyfriend" emerge, and two people with his girlfriend on the grounds, two people robbed. The day before, the Suining Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau police station Wang Kaixuan successfully cracked a special robbery. People Speechless is committing four Department of two couples, because of lack of money, few people discuss to seduce the man robbed the money, the crime just less than 24 hours, the four suspects will be arrested. "A knife on the two man WeChat color" prefix "date" robbed the victim Zhang Suining, unmarried, living in southern district. October 11th 22 am, Zhang returned home early, and opened the WeChat people around". Through the search, Zhang found a picture makeup, scantily clad woman Betty, thought the other party may not be a serious man, Zhang has made a request to the past. Soon, the woman added Zhang, two people chatted for a while, the woman said it can provide special services, the cost of $1200. At this time, Zhang a drunk friend Lee suddenly to Zhang phone, invited Lee to play together, seeing this, Zhang should be readily, two people met near the south gate, also invited Betty with a friend out of play. At the beginning, both sides agreed to meet in the Jiafu to nearby, can Zhang and Lee waited ten minutes, still disappeared, so Zhang also urged Betty, Betty will be changed to the south near the turntable. Zhang and Lee in the vicinity of the South turntable and so on more than a dozen minutes, there are two women across the street, the other said hello, Zhang and Lee quickly ran past. The two sides met Zhang Li, two people and the other bargain, said 1200 yuan price is too high, after repeated discussion, finally, the other promised to reduce the price to 400 yuan, but in the four went to the hotel, from the side of the road lane suddenly rushed out of the two men holding a knife in front of two people, is a beaten up, shouting two people tease their girlfriends! The police broke the speed of robbery arrested 4 suspects see each other with a knife in less than 24 hours, Zhang, Li Moudou can’t resist, honestly squatting on the ground, then, two knife wielding men and let Zhang, Lee carry out the money. Because two people do not have much cash, man with a knife and let two people will pay out in the mobile phone, mobile phone after the surrender, Lee has a mind, while two knife wielding men do not pay attention to, and quickly fled the scene. And Zhang is not so lucky, and got a hit, his head was cut off a wound of about 5cm. After the incident, Zhang first time reported to the police. After receiving the alarm, the Public Security Bureau Chuanshan Kaixuan Road police station immediately initiate an investigation.相关的主题文章: