Central environmental inspectors a large number of abandoned mines in Henan is not timely environmen-sql server 2000 个人版

The central environmental protection inspector: Henan a large number of abandoned mines in environmental remediation – Beijing, Beijing, November 15, according to the Ministry website news, July 16, 2016 to August 16th, the Fifth Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate of Henan province to carry out environmental protection inspector, inspector form. In November 15th, inspectors group pointed out that in the feedback, lag of mine environmental governance since 2010, the province’s coal mine environmental restoration margin is only about 200 million yuan, accounts precipitation of about 2 billion 800 million yuan, a large number of abandoned mines without the timely implementation of environmental remediation. The feedback will be chaired by the governor of Henan Province, comrade Chen Runer, inspector group leader comrade Wang Wanbin informed the inspector, Henan provincial Party Secretary Xie Fuzhan comrades speak, inspector, deputy group leader comrade Zhai Qing, inspector group of relevant personnel, the Henan provincial government leadership team members and relevant departments responsible comrades attended the meeting. The inspector believes that the party’s eighteen years, Henan province conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council on ecological civilization construction and environmental protection policies and arrangements, thoroughly implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, the introduction of the "opinions" on the construction of the beautiful Henan policy measures, formulate the Party committee and the environmental protection work responsibility system, the government and the relevant department leading cadres accountability rules for the implementation of the ecological damage to the environment, continuous compaction responsibility to protect the environment. Actively implement the defense of air pollution in Tianjin and the surrounding area control requirements, the successful completion of the APEC meeting (APEC), "93" parade task to protect air quality. Attaches great importance to environmental protection of South North Water Transfer Project, the construction of 63 sewage treatment and waste disposal facilities, the first designated water source protection areas along the main canal, fully carry out the cage in the area and the catchment area ban, remediation polluting enterprises relocation; the establishment of source of national ecological function protection area, construction of ecological forest base 20 mu, make an important contribution to "a water canal to the North". Actively promote the blue sky project and clean water project, increase the improved standard of thermal power, cement and other key industries, to complete a number of city sewage treatment and other environmental infrastructure construction, pay close attention to and achieved the effect of straw jinshao. Compared with the same period last year, the province’s atmospheric environment worsening trend eased; the Yangtze River, Huaihe, the Yellow River, Henan, Haihe River water quality is generally stable, Qihe River and Li River river water quality to keep the good. Since July 2016, Henan province to implement the air pollution prevention and control of the battle, formulated the "opinions" and so on to win the battle of the series of air pollution prevention and control measures to strengthen the elaborate work plan, assessment, accountability from the top-level design, implementation and policy guarantee, strengthen law enforcement supervision and propaganda. The implementation of a comprehensive rectification of the more than 8 thousand site, 778 to carry out industrial kiln transformation dibiao, seized more than 7800 black gas station, from environmental protection, public security business backbone of the 10 joint Inspectorate uninterrupted implementation of on-site supervision, the province’s air pollution control efforts to significantly increase. Henan province attaches great importance to the central environmental protection inspectors, in accordance with the supervision and reform requirements, thorough investigation and severe punishment groups of inspectors assigned by the masses reported cases, and to the public. Up to order.相关的主题文章: