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Xiamen, a red woman jumping Lake suicide after being rescued, once again jump down the red woman and her family. Xiamen – Xiamen daily news (reporter Zhang Yanyu Ventura) yesterday morning 10 when 6 pm, a woman in Red Pine Lake jumped from the Changqing Road fence, boatman was passing with a net fishing, firefighters rescued the relay. The woman ashore was still in the family and eventually die, to persuade this reporter, was safely away. The fire will force the woman to commit suicide rescued the woman dressed in red, sat on the fence, bare feet hanging on the lake, looked up to heaven in a trance. "I was walking along the pine and cypress lake, and I saw her sitting on the fence. Not far away, she heard a splash, and she jumped down!" Alarm man Mr. Liao said at the scene. The drowning sounds great, and moved to work in the lake boatman Yu Jianshun. "I just cleaned up the garbage and was about to get off work, and I heard the sound." Yu Jianshun said, after hearing the voice, he rushed to the woman beside the boat first, dragged her into the boat with the usual salvage garbage after the hand heaved on the drowning man, "particularly serious, a person can’t dragged her aboard, I called another boatman to help Su Shengren." When I came, she was pale, but she kept telling us to let go, not to save her!" Su Shengren said, the two of them together grabbed the woman, deadlocked for nearly 20 minutes, she also slowly give up. With the help of firefighters, the woman was rescued ashore. The woman wanted to jump the lake again, was stopped by the family in time and rescued ashore, 120 also arrived at the scene, after the emergency rescue, the woman spit a few saliva. Subsequently, the woman’s husband and son also came, accompanied by women. Woman sitting on the road, her mouth constantly murmured: "I do nanny more than ten years earned money are taken to eat and drink, whoring, gambling, he bullied me, I think impassability."……" The blue man squatting beside her is her son, and her husband eyes closed at the side of the smoke, there are a lot of people came to persuade the next. The woman covered her ears with her hands and refused to communicate. Her husband stretched out her hand to pull her up, but she opened her mouth to her arm. With the help of onlookers, the two people were separated. Then, the woman suddenly rushed to the lake and forced people to jump. Fortunately, her son pulled her away. About an hour or so, around 11:10, the woman was persuaded by reporters to leave with her husband and son. The people familiar with Mr. Jiang said the woman suspected of suffering from depression, in the spring of last year building had returned home after treatment, disease. Subsequently, the reporter visited the unit where the woman’s husband. Reporters from a building security department learned that the woman arrived in Xiamen yesterday, and her husband lived in the unit dormitory. Security Mr. Wu said yesterday seemed to see she has been sitting at the edge of crying. (material person: Mr. Huang’s material charge: 30 yuan)

厦门一红衣女子跳湖轻生 被救上后还要再次跳下   红衣女子和她的家人。   厦门网-厦门日报讯 (文 图记者 张彦宇)昨日上午10时6分许,一名红衣女子从长青路松柏湖围栏上跳下,被路过的船工用网子捞上,消防队员接力救起。女子上岸后仍一心寻死,最终在家人及本报记者的劝说下,被安全带走。   船工消防合力   将轻生女子救起   女子身着红衣,坐在围栏上,赤着双脚悬在湖面上,仰头望天,神情恍惚。“我正沿着松柏湖走,就看见她呆呆坐在围栏上。没走多远就听见扑通一声,她跳下去了!”报警人廖先生在现场说。   落水的声音很大,同时惊动了正在湖里作业的船工余建顺。“我刚清理完垃圾,正要下班,就听到了声音。”余建顺说,听到声音后,他驾船赶到女子身旁,先用平时打捞垃圾的网子将她拖到船边,后伸手用力拽住,“落水的人特别重,一个人根本没办法将她拖上船,我就大声招呼另一名船工苏盛人过来帮忙。”   “我赶过来时,她已经面色发白,却不停叫我们放手,别救她!”苏盛人说,他们俩合力拽住女子,僵持近20分钟后,她也慢慢放弃挣扎。在消防队员的帮助下,女子被救上岸。   女子想再次跳湖   被家人及时制止   被救上岸后,120也抵达了现场,在紧急抢救后,女子吐出了几口水。随后女子的丈夫和儿子也相继赶来,陪在女子身边。女子坐在马路上,嘴里不断喃喃道:“我做保姆十几年赚的钱都被拿去吃喝嫖赌了,他这样欺负我,我想不通……”蹲在她身旁的蓝衣男子是她的儿子,而她的丈夫则双目紧闭在一旁抽着烟,旁边也有不少市民上前劝说。   女子用双手捂住耳朵拒绝沟通,丈夫伸出手要拉她起身,女子却张嘴咬向他的手臂。在围观市民的帮助下,才将两人分开。   而后,女子突然用力冲开人群,到湖边又要跳。所幸她的儿子一把将她拉住。   僵持了一小时左右,11点10分左右,女子在记者的劝说下,和丈夫儿子一同离开。现场知情人士江先生透露,女子疑似患有抑郁症,去年春季曾来厦就诊,病好后回老家。   随后记者走访了女子丈夫所在的单位。记者从某大厦保安处了解到,女子昨天抵达厦门,和丈夫住在单位宿舍。保安吴先生说,昨天好像看到她一直坐在床沿哭。   (报料人:黄先生报料费:30元)相关的主题文章: