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Can you get ten minutes of wine? Lead: "ten thousand hours" law tells us that to become an expert in the field of 10000 hours, but often easier entry. It takes only ten minutes to learn the most basic and practical knowledge of wine. (source: red wine world network) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Canadian writer Gladwell (Gradwell) in the "alien" (Outliers) a book that: "people in the eyes of genius is extraordinary, not a talented Superman, but paid continuous effort. Exercise 10 thousand hours is necessary for any people to become extraordinary from the ordinary." This is the "ten thousand hour rule" that people talked about later, saying that to become an expert in a field, it takes about 10000 hours. Coincidentally, Li Zhiyan was in the master class, stressed the importance of compliance with Wine, tasting practice card and said: "now just a smell, I already know about, but that is the long-term result of practice." Of course, asking everyone to become a master of wine is unrealistic, after all, the number of knees is limited, we do not want too many harvesters. As an ordinary consumer, from a small white wine to become a little understanding of how long it takes? In fact, to understand the most basic and practical knowledge of wine, ten minutes is enough. 1, pick Wine pick and pick Wine clothes like garments, everyone, wine red dried sweet; clothes of different fabrics, different wine grape varieties; garments of different styles, wine also has different countries and regions; and we simply say. Wine divided into red and white Wine Wine, Chinese often said that the red wine, is the theory including white and two factions, but a lot of people have the equivalent of Wine red wine. This is a fundamental misconception that white wine is a world that is equally vast and wonderful. Whether it is red and white Wine, according to the different sugar content for dry or sweet type, these two standards are divided into semi dry and semi sweet levels, will not elaborate. People often say "red", that is the wine from red grapes, and sugar content in 4G L. Different wines are made from different grape varieties, which determines the style of wine. When the number of the most famous international varieties, including red with Cabernet Sauvignon (Carbennet Sauvignon), Melo (Merlot), Silas (Syrah), a white Chardonnay (Chardonnay), (Sauvignon Blanc) and everlasting longing for you. Many wine producing countries have done a very good representative varieties, such as the Spanish Tempranillo (Tempranillo), Chile’s Jia Meina (Carmenere) and Argentina Beck (Malbec), etc.. Wine producing countries are divided into old and new world, the old world to the European mainland wine producing countries for the camp. The new world is the wine producing countries except Europe, such as the United States and Australia相关的主题文章: