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The president’s veto, the United States Congress why Obama embarrassing? Original title: the United States Congress why embarrass Obama Author: Xu Lifan maintain U.S. strategic interests in the Middle East or the maintenance of "9 and 11" families of the victims of the interests, to a certain extent, reflects the United States to take the cost of utilitarianism in the Middle East affairs and in the war on terror. The United States Congress local time 28 days respectively by more than three points in the majority vote veto, President Obama to "allow" 9 and 11 "victims sued Saudi law. The White House spokesman Ernest sternly criticized the vote of Congress, said this is the 30 years of the Senate did "the most embarrassing thing.". "Allowing the victims of the" 9 & 11 "prosecution of Saudi Arabia, mainly by the families of victims of" 9, 11 ". They believe that the majority of the hijackers from Saudi Arabia, Al Qaeda has suspected the Saudi government funding, the U.S. government should sue the government of Saudi Arabia and claims. However, at present, the lawsuit faces legal barrier. According to a 1976 law, the United States government has the right to grant immunity to other states from widespread immunity in the United states. To this end, "9, 11" family members of the victims to amend the bill, once the bill has been amended, they can be identified as a terrorist attack on the role of the state to the federal court. In fact, there was a rumor that the Saudis had been involved in the "9. 11" incident. Zachary, an important leader of Al Qaeda, said after his arrest that he had kept in touch with senior government officials in Saudi Arabia before the "9 / 11" incident. And the Congressional intelligence committee "9 and 11" incident investigation report "on some national security issues found, discuss and report", still on the part of the contents of the fourth confidential page 28, the famous "28 page report" relates to the hijackers to get funded survey, which increased the the suspicion. A 9 – 11 families of the victims revealed that Obama had promised, will be announced after the death of the contents of the Laden was killed, but has not yet announced. As early as 13 years ago, after the completion of the investigation report, there are a number of senators asked to publish confidential content, was rejected by U.S. President George W. Bush. According to some familiar with this part of the contents of the report said, "the report concluded that the Saudi government funded charity had to Al Qaeda transfer of funds, but there is no evidence that the Saudi government or senior Saudi officials have offered Al Qaeda funding. Clearly, the announcement of these ambiguous clues, the United States is bound to deteriorate relations with Saudi Arabia, which may be the main reason for Obama to adhere to the confidentiality of the relevant content, and rejected the prosecution of the Saudi bill. Why did members of Congress on the "9 – 11" survey only stay in the verbal challenge, but now let Obama embarrassed? A "9 / 11", coincided with the 15 anniversary of the American society, "9, 11" incident attention, held "9, 11" event sponsors, can display the members of the political and moral sense, and no need to pay the cost. In addition, the security problem is one of the hot issues in the United States election, showed strong Hao members相关的主题文章: