October – 2 will be the peak of the peak passenger flow at the peak of the national day from 6 to 7 headache怎么读�

October to 2, the peak of the current national day passenger flow peak return from 6 to 7 days away from the National Day holiday is getting closer and closer. Shanghai transportation sector is expected, the peak of the national day passenger flow will appear on October 1-2, the peak of the trip on the 6-7 day in. For the convenience of passengers National Day travel, yesterday, Pudong east station of long-distance passenger transportation bus company subordinate station, Nanhui station, Chuansha station, Takahashi station, Chongming Chenjiazhen station, ChangXing Railway Station sale to October 7th all long-distance passenger ticket. This year’s National Day golden week, the following 7 minibuses and will waive the highway toll station, is expected to the company under the 6 stations in September 30th will usher in the first peak is expected to send out for passengers, flight 3800 class, sending passengers nearly 55 thousand people. Operators said that the National Day golden week in the main direction of the Yangtze River Delta, short distance areas, such as Putuo, Qidong, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Taizhou, Nantong, Haian, etc.. At the same time, also prepared 130 shifts of overtime capacity, then, will be based on the situation in the case of real-time tickets for the popular line of temporary overtime. In order to strengthen and long-distance passenger transport station, west station and Hutai Road station base station loading interaction, in the current class line, especially Taixing, Taizhou and Jiangsu increased in Yangzhou, Huaian, Haian, Rugao, Anhui Jingde, Hubei Yingshan a total of 8 bus lines, passenger station in the company under the 6 passenger station and south station, west station, Hutai Road station site after the ticket can be free to take any coach to ride on the site. The national holiday Chinese around the scenic passenger flow peak (the video for continued extension) to move a finger, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)相关的主题文章: