Ma Xiaoguang a. NPC and CPPCC mechanisms shut down 92 consensus – Beijing passphrase 特命战队go busters

Ma Xiaoguang a. NPC and CPPCC mechanisms shut down: "92 consensus" passphrase – the new agency in Beijing in September 14, Beijing (Lu Mei Zhang Xiaoxi) Taiwan 12, sent a letter to the SEF ARATS informed the personnel changes but did not mention the "92 consensus" related content. The State Council Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang 14, said: "it is clear that there is no passphrase, Taiwan from all walks of life are very disappointed." On the day of the Taiwan Affairs regular press conference, Ma Xiaoguang answered reporters’ questions related to the above said. He also pointed out that the "92 consensus" is not around the past, only the Taiwan authorities formally authorized to confirm the SEF ARATS adhere to the "92 consensus" that embodies a China principle of political base, NPC and CPPCC negotiation and contact mechanism can be extended. China News Agency reporters later asked, the institution consultation mechanisms shut down will affect the previous NPC and CPPCC has reached an agreement in the implementation? Ma Xiaoguang said that the current cross-strait relations and negotiation mechanism has been shut down, not only led to a new cross-strait agreement cannot be signing, will inevitably affect both the effectiveness of the agreement. Cross-strait trade and cultural forum will continue to be held this year, Ma Xiaoguang said in response to a question, the KMT platform operation and all levels of interaction, which plays an important role in promoting the peaceful development of cross-strait relations and relations between the two parties. In the new situation, this platform can continue to play a positive role in maintaining the correct direction of the development of cross-strait relations, the land side attaches great importance to this. About earlier, Taiwan Affairs Office Director Zhang Zhijun in an interview that the forum has new changes in the form of admiral Ma Xiaoguang analysis, in more than and 10 years, the KMT unity platform from all walks of life, to promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, deepening the content, constantly enrich the connotation, form is also in constant innovation. "The future will further advance with the times, in order to more close to the people of Taiwan, more fit the new face of the needs of the people on both sides of the Strait presented." As for the operation of the platform and specific issues, the two sides are still communicating." A reporter asked Feng Mingzhu, former dean of Taipei the Imperial Palace Museum invited as Beijing the Imperial Palace Research Institute of consultants, some people in Taiwan which violated the relevant provisions of Taiwan and investigation, the spokesman comment on this? Ma Xiaoguang pointed out that this is obviously a simple academic exchanges. The Imperial Palace Research Institute is a non institutionalized mechanism for academic research and exchange the Imperial Palace museum set up the collection of well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad, to build high-end academic platform open. He said: "we respect the willingness of both sides of the Taiwan Strait cultural institutions and individuals." (end)相关的主题文章: