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Parents of children to remember to avoid these errors in 2016 children’s medication safety survey report (hereinafter referred to as the report) covering more than and 100 cities, the parents of 3576 children involved in research. Research results show that, in the understanding of the concept of children’s medicine, 61.5% of parents agree "children" the name of the medicine medicine on children is medicine, and identity "thepediatricians prescription drug is children’s medicine", "the manual on children’s writing for the crowd is the children’s medicine", "usage has written instructions children is the children’s medicine" parents were accounted for 50.6%, 41%, 39%. In further investigation, more than half of parents have 1-3 medication confusion (drug mainly puzzled for 5 issues, namely the doctor prescribed for children is not special medicine, children do not fit to take medicine, how to feed the clothes, how accurate amount of drugs, baby medicine spit, whether need to fill, forget to eat the child to take medicine, can eat up five), among them, children aged 3 or below the parents there are close to 90% the proportion of medication confusion. Children do not take medicine with drugs for children on how to do? 49.5% of parents said they were confused. Due to the lack of taste, taste and so on, children’s medication compliance is poor, often do not cooperate with medication. Suggestions can give children medication to encourage the spirit of cooperation, such as encouraging children to take medicine, praise the child is great, very brave, or when taking the appropriate transfer of children, such as TV for kids or play games with the kids. In addition, you can also use some medicine tools to assist children medication, such as medicine, medicine dropper, needle type feeder etc.. It is important to note that in the feeding of drugs, drug can not deceive the child is candy or other snacks, sweets or snacks because of relatively small body damage, and drugs have certain side effects, even will cause poisoning, so parents should give children with ill treatment concept, let him not understand drugs hurt him, but to help him recover. How can accurate take medicine? 55.8% of the parents have this confusion. Most adult drugs are not equipped with the amount of drug taking tools, so parents can only take a variety of ways to measure the amount of their own, it is difficult to accurately control the amount of. It is recommended that parents should follow the instructions or the doctor’s instructions to take the drug dose. In the measurement tool, the use of fine scale measuring cup, spoon, etc. to measure accurate dosage dropper. In addition, a drug uses a measurement tool, or wash, dry and then quantity, to avoid the amount of residual drugs and lead to errors. Can the child forget to take medicine? 42.6% of parents said there is such confusion. Pharmacologically, any drug has a "therapeutic window", that is, the drug dose is lower than this range, the drug does not play a role, higher than this range may be difficult to tolerate drug toxicity. Suggested that children sick, parents should remember to give children medication on time. If you really forget, should be under the guidance of doctors to deal with the corresponding. A common approach in four situations: (1) for the long-term use of drugs, such as the treatment of hypertension, diabetes, chronic diseases such as heart medicine, missed one or two times, has little effect on the overall treatment effect can be ignored. ~相关的主题文章: