Small seats in grades sitting in the garden stool on the prime minister 若槻ゆうか

Small seats in grades: sitting on the Prime Minister Wen Wu Meifeng embroidered lead editor Tang Shixiang > > > Ming Dynasty institutions with song system, used by the royal ministers, than the Southern Song Dynasty is inferior by comparison, to fall far behind. The rank of the Northern Song Dynasty more than surpasses, especially in the palace Eunuch in the strict etiquette Senran, to "sit stool stool" or "board" during the walk. Figure > > name card; > Wu Meifeng, master of the art of China Culture University, Dr. historical research of Taiwan Normal University, now Chinese Culture University Fine Arts Department Assistant Professor, main research direction for the history and evolution of Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture. The main works include "the song and Ming Dynasties Furniture Shape" the study of "Sheng Qing furniture shape evolution research". "History of the Ming Dynasty · Cui Liang biography" in memory of Zhu Yuanzhang after the founding, recruiting former Zhejiang provincial governors (yuan) to assist Cui Liang for libushangshu, and Li Shanchang, Song Lian, Liu Ji et al. Founding hero on etiquette. The court etiquette in almost agreed by the fiction, Yu Wu three will be played: crown prince and courtiers cizuo on the palace sitting pier for reference, Song Dian, the poor. The system of crown prince in the green for the quality, embroidered pan Chi cloud flower decoration…… The prime minister and a product with the red matter, only clouds of flowers. Two items below Po pier, no decoration. Where a large tin at the banquet, the civilian military attache four kinds of above, above, the house is given sitting pier. Toward the back, Yan and idle line fortunately, then the executive Secretariat, the big governor officer more than two products, the official three above, and xunjiu minister, literature officer cizuo, still with Ji embroidered velvet mattress, such as the type of life. Daming Palace of emperor cizuo, sitting pier, pier Cui Liang is referred to the Song Dian "custom, the crown prince, the prime minister and a given above officials sitting sitting pier, but the patterns are different, the use of big feast when sitting at the pier of the civil service to more than four products, three military attache. According to song, the prime minister, the equal fumiomi, such as military and imperial Jiedushi, etc. are all only seats are different: one product of the prime minister’s official rank and the equal sitting rest sitting pier embroidered. But the provisions: the prime minister, the emperor song feast, "Wu son line fortunately available". In contrast, the Ming Dynasty is only one sitting pier, in order to distinguish colors and decorations, and the Crown Prince Prince as Prime Minister of a high-ranking officials, and give a dinner to civilian, military three more than four products, seemingly "simplified" and "grace was widely", but the prime minister and a more official not a higher order of "Wu son sitting, is a disguised form of" belittle cabinetministers status than the song made more stringent, so that the distinction is more distinct. Figure 1 Ming Qiu Ying "palace map" line map plaintext Heng ". Late earthquake records" said: "the palace embroidered, shaped like a drum, four horns hang Su Jing Ya, also available." The mid Ming Dynasty painter Qiu Ying’s works there are many activities involved in palace depicting a "palace map" volume (Figure 1), the pavilion of the emperor in the ring to the Fan Shi concubine sitting on a backrest chair, outside the order next step order officials are looking back on the guide shape. Another officer is to step forward to bend. Huangdizhi相关的主题文章: