2017 urban and rural residents began to register Medicare payment in December 25th (video) 申威1600

2017 annual urban and rural residents began to register the Medicare payment in December 25th, the end of the year of Shanghai City, the 2017 annual urban and rural residents medical insurance registration registration work has begun, will end in December 25th. The city’s 2017 annual urban and rural residents medical insurance policy has been properly adjusted, continue to increase government investment, improve the overall funding for urban and rural residents Medicare standards, financial investment at all levels increased by about 14 percentage points. At the same time, give full consideration to the affordability of the residents, individual payment standards appropriate to improve. Those who did not participate in the city’s other basic medical insurance, and one of the following conditions of personnel, urban and rural residents can participate in health care: a city residence, age more than 18 years of age; primary and middle school students and children with household registration in the city; the city colleges and Universities, scientific research institutes to accept higher education full-time students higher vocational college students, and non postgraduate; in accordance with the provisions of other persons. In addition, continue to help support the difficulties of the insured people, urban and rural residents in the minimum target, heavy and old people, such as the elderly, the relevant government departments to continue to give their personal contributions to pay part of the relief. In addition, the personal burden of urban and rural residents more severe uremic dialysis, kidney transplantation anti rejection therapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, nausea and other four categories of psychiatric disorders, within the scope of the policy of personal ego costs, by the serious illness insurance funds can be reimbursed 50%. "" "" Shanghai today recommended the city five years to build 100 kilometers underground pipe gallery will increase the low-income housing 300 thousand sets of house inexplicable death of his wife to sell the old man by law to recapture the incidence of breast cancer and 50 women over the age of the rising rate of elderly women at high risk of Huaihailu Road Xiangyang Road intersection a Audi car sudden spontaneous combustion fortunately no casualties the 12 sector: high level of professional social workers to enjoy the preferential policy of "landing" "hukou" wonderful video exposure Li Chen married Zhang Hanna with one billion net worth of fan ye build nests that make people happy about suspected nosebleed adorable sister cos, actually comes from the 60 after the uncle in the hands of Papi sauce on Monday — the game let the star mad widow broadcasting! Why he was half of entertainment hated? Department who responded "six areas of the health insurance fund balance is not low" the Ministry of human resources and social security: basic medical treatment is no problem (this video for extension) fingertips, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)相关的主题文章: