Former Miss Hong Kong third marry handsome pilot suspected pregnant belly covered the bouquet 捷安特xtc750

Former Miss Hong Kong third marry handsome pilot suspected Qi Daidai pregnant belly covered bouquet pictures flowers cover belly. The scene before the wedding photo of Miss Hong Kong Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 27th news, according to Hongkong media reports, 2003 runner up Qi Daidai in 9 months with Miss Hong Kong pilot boyfriend Calvin wedding in Italy last night (September 26th), they put up wedding invitations to the circle of friends in Hongkong, including Li Shihua, Zhu Kaiting, a group of Miss Hong Kong Mandy Cho, Angie Chiu, Wang Ailun Anne Heung, Yang Wanyi, Mo Ke, etc.. And Qi Daidai has worked in the former ATV comrades, Liu Xixian, Lin Weichen, Cai Guowei foot bandaged to attend his Facebook message: "good brothers and good partners and good colleague sister Diane Diane married, even walk to drink wedding……". As wedding emcee Zhu Kaiting earlier, went to Italy to attend the wedding of Qi Daidai, she said that compared with the wedding in Hongkong, the two are different, a romantic a lively. But Li Shihua said: "he will be busy to Diane Diane wedding, she hopes Enjoy (enjoy) this period of time, we are also looking forward to her soon to have a child, three years have two, never reach old age together……" As Mandy Cho said: "very happy for her, Diane Diane has always been very low-key, so this put up wedding is held mysterious!" Qi Daidai’s wedding in Italy was accused of protruding belly pregnant flavor, last night (September 26th) when she told the guests with the bouquet to cover belly, such as her good news. (Ying Ying)相关的主题文章: