How to improve the quality of the wedding should pay attention to several aspects 爱多vcd

How to improve the quality of the wedding should pay attention to several aspects of the romantic wedding, as the feast of life. In this happy moment, as the protagonist, you absolutely want to be perfect. The venue is luxury? Unique style? Or simple minimalist? All style, there is always a right for you. The Xiamen wedding photography Xiaobian to start from the details, let your wedding flower ~ a tableware, highlight the noble guests sat in the chair on the metal paint, use flash knives and enjoy the food, lift the sparkling champagne to celebrate each other. For an upscale multiprogramming wedding, the service can be made considerably. More details, so that the table is more comfortable, to create an elegant atmosphere. Can put a Silver Pewter Candlestick in the middle of the table, surrounded by white flowers with white collocation, printed in black ink menu cards. Two, the expression of the romantic wreath in accordance with the ancient customs of Europe, the wreath on the eve of the wedding by the bride’s friends prepared by the symbol of wisdom, love and loyalty. In China, the wreath is often hung at the entrance to the wedding venue, as if it is the owner’s smiling face, which means a welcome to the guests. Pink, purple, red surrounded by a piece of green, woven into a romantic passion of the wreath, to bring the wedding classic pastoral. Three, marine decoration to create a romantic romantic and mysterious ocean, always fascinated people. Marine blue to decorate their wedding photography studio wedding in Xiamen, unique and interesting. In addition to blue, marine biological decoration is an indispensable embellishment of the marine wedding. In attendance, the channel scattered scattered starfish, shells, people can not help but recall the childhood experience of picking up at the seaside. Four, chocolate convey sweet still remember Juliet · starring in the film "chocolate", the film tells a romantic and touching love story? "" "" "" "" "" "" "-. Juliet’s Ian runs a chocolate shop, in addition to bring people to taste, and more love…… The bride can also create new styles made some different shapes with childlike chocolate, and guests to share love, let you enjoy the melt in this sweet. Five, photo album to mobilize the guests to use the new warmth of the past photos, printed in the book, so that the guests wish to witness all the way to accompany you sweet love. Please give the guests or new photographers take pictures with Polaroid on the scene, let guests leave the words of blessing in the photo. Six, clever use of rustic style in addition to the brightly colored flowers, but also can be used to decorate some green herbs on the table, creating a fresh atmosphere. Country style tablecloths can give people the feeling of casual. The simplicity of the African flower body, intended to express the couple loved each other, brave. Seven, gauze curtain welcome card flying welcome card as the wedding first appearance, of course, can not have any slack, but also need to create new styles. The soft gauze curtain decoration welcome card, can create a flying dream feeling. If the outdoor wedding veil, then Baise fresh and green flowers collocation, the wizard of Oz and feel calm. If it is a wedding in the early summer, thick yarn tendril stacked together, plus Shanghai stars, shells and other small elements.相关的主题文章: