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Think it is a fat mushroom? In fact, this is a kind of delicious original title: genuine mushroom, kid would love! A few days ago to see Jessica mushroom shaped bread very lifelike, with their own love to do pasta, so they made mushroom shape Steamed Buns. Do a good job after the bread in the refrigerator when the family was really mistaken for mushrooms… Meng Meng’s appearance, the outer layer is the unique aroma of cocoa powder, the inner surface is soft and sweet bean paste, whether adults and children love ~ mushroom bread flour yeast… 140g… 3G… 90-100ml… Warm…… cocoa…… some sugar… 1-2g… 2G…… with an appropriate amount of red bean… 1… Yeast add warm water to open, add salt and sugar in the flour, mixing and adding yeast open water slowly knead into a smooth dough moderate; 2 dough rub strips, cut into small pieces, leaving one or two small pieces for mushroom stalk; 3 take a small sub flattening agent wrap the red bean paste, pinch, slightly a little reunion, the smooth side into the cocoa powder uniformly dipped in a layer of cocoa powder, made of Noodles with Mushroom Noodles; 4 the rest of the small pieces of twisted Mushroom Stalk shape, laid in the mat cloth steamer pot cover On the cover, 1.5-2 times of fermentation, the fermentation not excessive; 5 after fermentation, cold water into the pot, into the steaming pot, boil over medium heat for 6-7 minutes, turn off the fire after the stew 3-5 minutes so as not to retraction collapse; 6 chopsticks in Noodles with Mushroom Noodles make a small hole and put the mushroom handle plug into it. Red bean stuffing can buy in the supermarket, you can do it yourself. Red beans soak in advance for one night, and then to the pot to steam rotten rotten, about an hour, there is a pressure cooker can also be used pressure cooker. Soft rotten red beans in order to be more delicate can be used in a filter or cooking machine. Then put the oil in the pan, stir fry slowly with a small fire until the sticky. In addition to the red bean mushrooms, Jessica has also done a lot of lovely pastry ~ such as: "Pumpkin" and "peaches" about the author Jessica, fine arts, love reading books collection book – literati. Things like beauty, amateur illustrators and writers. Marathon enthusiasts, like fitness and dance, music and calligraphy. As one of the indispensable cooking also believe, delicacy and health, and food are both tall.    相关的主题文章: