Hilarious! Japanese people do not know Chinese characters sound form for animation renamed the crab 木村kaela

Hilarious! Japanese people do not know Chinese characters "sound form" for animation renamed the "crab form" Beijing Arni animation "sound form" has been officially released in Japan in September 17th the domestic box office, according to the latest statistics, the film is a new movie box office 17 release of the best film, a very high degree of concern. Recently, however, the Japanese media have reported that many Japanese people do not know the title of Chinese characters make a joke. "Sound form" in the Japanese name Chinese characters "sound" in traditional Chinese characters, writing the "sound" looks more complicated, and the ordinary Japanese people to identify the Chinese characters degree is not high, many people do not read the word "sound", and the other one looks like the shape of the Japanese people in the Chinese characters "crab" into the public view. Japan is an island country, fish and shrimp are the favorite food of the Japanese people. As a nation to eat crab, do not know the "sound" might be reasonable, but they love the most "crab" must be remembered so many people, "sound form" has been accepted by many as "crab form". In Japan, Google search "crab" word, the first is the shape of the crab". The search for crab shape out of the first result is the voice of the shape of the official website. But in fact the "crab shape" is the best read, in the Google search, Japanese users have more hilarious misreading. For example, only the wrong word "sound": wall shape, ear shape, the shape, the shape of the cicada shell; otoacoustic crab three words: regardless of the ears, ears, ears, crab crab crab, crab sound sound; don’t read directly with "what instead of the ghost": what sound, the ghost crab, what what ghost ghost form, form a crab; even simply imitate "your name. The crab’s ear." "The name of the crab." And the crab shell. It seems the Japanese education still has a long way to go Chinese characters! Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: