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Tibet: the poverty alleviation in Bomi when the home in the village of   wasteland big change — people.com.cn Tibet channel — people.com.cn original title: Tibet Poverty Alleviation: Bomi in the village when the hometown wasteland big change in Tibet Delta region in Linzhi autonomous region, Bomi County male Ji Cun village team (on the card the Tibet Autonomous Region Forestry Department accredited) Professor Pan Gang research plateau ecological agriculture and Animal Husbandry College of University of Tibet deputy director of the Institute of invitation of walnut seedlings management technology training to the masses, and effectively promoting the healthy development in the village of walnut planting, effectively guarantee the masses as soon as possible to increase. Source: Tibet chuangxianzhengyou strong base Huimin activities do fruitful. The Tibet autonomous region of Linzhi City, the fifth batch of Bomi County village cadres shed sweat, into the county 85 villages (neighborhood) quietly Transformation: — old mud road, into a spacious road, Village Road Town Village in Kangda formed the new layout of "two ring bridge"; "- former beach wasteland, put up a bright and spacious greenhouse, greenhouse full of green fruits and vegetables, Kang Yu Xiang Zong Cun thermal development of greenhouse planting industry; — the former" against the wall sun of the masses, have started a family hotel, Tianma, run transport in and to the work site, the poor masses Gu Xiang Village is no longer "and so on to"…… December 2015, selected the Tibet autonomous region, Bomi County, Linzhi City, the 340 outstanding village cadres stationed in Bomi County, 85 villages (neighborhood). They are the fifth batch of Bomi County village cadres to grass-roots work experience of cadres, reserve cadres and outstanding young cadres as the main body. They served as the first Secretary of the village or village Party branch, led people to go to the grassroots level, money to grassroots investment, policy tilt to the grassroots. After the fifth batch of work teams in the village, the development of the village collective economy, characteristics of breeding industry, rural tourism, as a key measure to win the fight against poverty. In the village, after nearly a year, many poverty-stricken areas in the Bomi has changed dramatically. Find out the base, planning and development of the collective economy, the implementation of the social security, build the beautiful countryside, to reveal the information service…… The work team in the village settled, Bomi county also issued a strict discipline and assessment, has organized 39 supervision and inspection and thorough investigation, focus on examination of the 65 residency work team. Village cadres are not good for the masses, often off-site interviews or ordered accredited units to adjust, stimulate the village cadres general business endogenous power. The village cadres said that poverty is not a retreat of the battle! The work team in village is the vanguard of poverty alleviation, we are not out of poverty alleviation, never give up. The roots, really help to work in the village as their homeland in the fifth batch of village cadres to the village, home visits, carry out filing riser poor households, poor households verification information, to master the basic situation and the causes of poverty. On this basis, to help the village to develop 3 years of poverty alleviation plan and the annual help measures, the implementation of one village one policy, one family one law, vigorously run poverty alleviation project funds, the introduction of rich industrial projects. As of August, the county village Bomi workers)相关的主题文章: