Louis Koo 3 months crazy suction has been working on their own precipitation (video) 1 billion 200 m twoo是什么网站

Louis Koo 3 months to suck up to rely on the work of the precipitation has been working on their own [Abstract] Louis Koo explained that different actors will have different ways to rest, but individuals prefer to have been working in the state of the 1 billion 200 million. Louis Koo said to his new play received by the more precipitation Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "in the electronic newspaper" reported on September 28th, Louis Koo has wide range of performances in the summer after the bad guys, in the "S storm" is the embodiment of the investigation in the officer, and he in 3 months to launch "legend", "the Apostle Walker", "siege" and "S storm" Ministry in mainland China are selling broken billion at the box office, absorbing more than 1 billion 200 million votes, let him sit on the throne of golden king. As a "model" can not help but he joked on micro-blog, the media always asked him exactly when to rest, precipitation, he wrote: "take more humor in different play can precipitate themselves." Louis Koo explained that different actors have different ways to rest, but more love has been the work of the state, "because the contact of different directors, will get different experience from them, playing different characters can also experience the role of life, this is a kind of precipitation method." In the film always cool face case, classic lines: "ICAC (ICAC) investigation, is not convenient to disclose." Don’t agree without prior without previous consultation and his private image, even in the movie premiere, will not stop making fun of himself, no matter what the host asked to say: "is not convenient to disclose." 42 daughters answer way from the audience laugh. Louis Koo for playing the ICAC inspectors without a gun, let him not for a relaxing action, but the terminology of investigation, also test his memory, he also broke with him as the investigating officer of Ada Choi in a play crazy NG, he laughed and said: "Ada Choi gets rich experience, rare there will be such a situation, suddenly could not speak all the words." Let Ada Choi can not help but he said: "is the mother of two daughters, a really bad ah!" Same song! Louis Koo, Ku Kui Kei "two ancient bells"!相关的主题文章: