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Yundi Li live debut sick battle Ma Su fear of high anti endorsement Tibet – Sohu in the star entertainment broadcast popularity today, more and more artists to the public via a live show their real life. And in August 31st, Yundi Li and Ma Su appeared on the live platform, but so many users moved. Originally, this time they are "I Do love angel fund" identity to Tibet to help Tibetan children realize their dreams. Two people live through the network to share their feelings in Tibet, attracted millions of users interact together. International Piano superstar Yundi Li Ma Su Yundi Li live debut adorable Ma Su heart warming speech show contrast touched friends as international piano superstar Yundi Li to give the audience the impression is always "high Lengnan God", and through the live debut, he showed himself "Adorable". Live just started, he stressed that this is the first time live, do not hide their new identity; friends advised him to Tibetan children playing the music of Paganini, he exclaimed: "I will be oxygen bar!" When the staff told him that there are friends to give him Ferrari, he stay Meng asked: what is the meaning of Ferrari?" Funny reaction let users call cute. International Piano superstar – Yundi Li and Ma Su in the incarnation of the incarnation of the intimate sister, answered a series of questions users. See the message to their friends on the third grade, Ma Su generous encouragement: This is a very important stage in your life, be sure to refuel." And emotional statement: "you must cherish this period of study, and you have such a good learning environment, so we must redouble our treasure." And when it comes to the topic of plastic surgery, Ma Su also said that they respect everyone’s pursuit of a beautiful mood, but also stressed that he never plastic surgery, because she believes that the most important real. "If I go to cosmetic surgery, I prefer to put cosmetic costs saved to buy books donated to the Tibetan children." The remarks users have also attracted praise points. The Ma Su star plateau strongly stick to public endorsement of Tibet to help build "the highest elevation of the library" while Yundi Li and Ma Su in front of the camera is full of vitality, but two people had just arrived in Lhasa when the emergence of altitude sickness. Ma Su said in the broadcast himself because of altitude sickness headache, sleep at night; and Yundi Li is because there is usually the fitness habits, higher than the demand of ordinary people, leading to the plateau reaction is very serious, had to go to hospital for treatment. In the broadcast, his voice is very hoarse, let netizens call love. But two people are said to have children persist in the end, Yundi Li is also looking forward to hurry up the "Yundi love music classroom set up:" I see a lot of pilgrims in the Potala Palace, I saw their faith. But for me, music is my belief, I would like to transfer to the belief of Tibetan children." See Yundi Li to engage in public service is still not forget the early heart, tightly holding music education of Tibetan children, netizens also moved to. International Piano superstar Yundi Li Ma Su it is reported that the I Do fund will love Tibet to visit three Tibetan School, Su相关的主题文章: