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UnCategorized Retention and creation of customer base has become the need of the hour for any business entity. With new techniques in marketing introduced, identifying the limitations and advantages of the practices is inevitable to succeed in the venture. Though traditional methods still continue to be part of the advertising campaign, they are complemented by other forms of advertising. This article tries to make a comparison of traditional methods and internet marketing, and highlight the merits of the latter over the former method. Affiliate marketing Vs traditional marketing Affiliate marketing holds many advantages over traditional system of advertising. While the traditional system resort to normal media like televisions, newspapers, mailing, etc. to convey the message, the other makes use of banner ads or text messages that cite information about the company or its products in a publisher’s website that can take one to the merchant website at the click of a mouse. Some of the major differences that make affiliate marketing superior to the two are mentioned below: 1 While traditional methods make itself heard to a vast number of audiences who remain passive to the information so received, internet marketing directs its attention to a limited, but explicit group who are on look out for information, making the idea behind advertising effective. 2 Traditional marketing requires the companies to pay for the broadcast made irrespective of its impact on the target audience. But affiliate marketing is a cost efficient system where the pay-for-performance structure necessitates compensation only on the results generated, be it revenue, target information, or sales, as defined by them. 3 Unlike traditional marketing methods, affiliate marketing is not subject to time slots that restrict the reach to the target audience. With Internet providing access 24/7, the information can be obtained at the time and place of convenience of the seeker. 4 Affiliate market takes advantage of the social behavior for the promotion of the products. Requesting and remunerating the services of a third party for propagating information on the products and brand of the company results in the generation of the right motivation. However, this motivation is absent in the providers of traditional techniques. 5 Cost of advertising is lower in online marketing through the introduction of automated systems that can track the success of the program. 6 Affiliate marketing can explain the different aspects involved in detail through text or banners making them successful in conveying the right message, unlike time restricted traditional marketing techniques. 7 The facility to purchase online and the launch of products on the basis of consumer expectations made known through affiliate marketing makes it a potent tool. The warehouse of information in affiliate marketing makes it advantageous over the traditional marketing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: