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Astrology 1. In Vedic astrology this is very important house and called lagna /ascendant. This is the house where we predict about body shape of human being, this shows health, physical structure, complexions and about health of individual. 2. This house is called house of wealth and we see about finances of individual seeing this house like profits, gains, and wealth resources all related to wealth. 3. This house is house of courage called SAHAJ STHAN and siblings in Vedic astrology; we look for mental intellect, courage to attain ambition and about brothers and sisters of individuals. 4. This house is house of Mother. we check all matters related to mother like behavior , health etc . this house also shows pleasures in life . This also shows building, residence, mines, farms, orchards etc. 5. This house is about education. Progeny and competition. We check about children, education and competition through this house. This shows inclination recreation pleasures, artistic nature etc. 6. This house is called house of enemies and disease known as RIPU STHAN in Vedic astrology, we predict about enemies, disease curable or not, loss, debts etc seeing sixth house in Vedic astrology. 7. This house is called JAAYA STHAN means house of marriage and partnership we predict about marriage, career, legal bondage and about all about soul mate. 8. This house is called house of death, age and accidents we predict about span of life, inheritance, accidents, legal, suicide, fire, delay and negative aspects in life. 9. This house is called house of fortune, fate called DHARMA STHAN in Vedic astrology we see about fate, wisdom, spirituality, father, and charity seeing this house in Vedic astrology. 10. Tenth house is called house of profession we check for profession, dignity, honor, job promotion, business success, political power, ranking through this house high posts li post of presidents, prime minister can be seen through this house. 11. This house tells us about income gains in life, friends society, income gains, wealth, elder brothers, prosperity, illness, success and ruling star for this house is Jupiter. 12. This house is called house of expenses and losses in life we check for losses, expanses, misfortune, sorrows, sin, enemies, affairs, insult, court cases, abroad places etc About the Author: By: Acharya Dinesh Sharma – When the two planets come together on the day of Monday, December 8th there is set to be a trend towards telling the truth and nothing else which would last all week. With the help of this w … By: RosieAguirre – Vytorin is a wonderful drug to lower your bad cholesterol, increase your good cholesterol, and along the process, makes your heart pump blood without any pressure. By: savemypc – The beginning each energy healing treatment by calling in the energy using symbols. After this, your first duty is to begin the process of assessing the condition of your patient. Each patie … By: Steve Hurley – It is said that mathematics is the poetry of God himself and the numbers are as old as the civilization itself. Whatever the legacies are, the number 9 have flirted with the curiosity of hum … By: Steve Hurley – The thoughts and actions of a person, collectively referred to as karma, determine the life of individuals and are manifested as the type of society they form. Free will, choice, destiny, ta … By: savemypc – Meditation is widely hailed as the best way to improve ones power of concentration and overall well-being. But along with great power comes greater responsibilities to use the powers only … By: Steve Hurley – Human beings are curious to know the purpose behind existence of life and have evolved as the most capable organism to do so. But all achievements of human beings have come at some cost, mos … By: Alec Alfredo – Can you receive a free fifa 15 Xbox 360 on the web? Well, after days of research in my gaming magazine on the internet, the reply is yes. The gaming industry is in the peak of their global … By: Garyauto – Basic Auto Repair Saves Cash on Gas! The Auto Repair Services and good-sense driving tips not only helps keep money in your wallet, but also help keeps our environment clean. By: Green Feather – Mr. Umang Taneja is a person who introduced the concept of Nadi Astrology based on Vedic Astrology by covering all aspects of astrology in most genuine way with accuracy. 相关的主题文章: